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Vanessa:  We at Team FFS are huge fans of Japanese cuisine and a midweek jaunt to Mortlake had us experiencing a very memorable meal at Katsumi.  The understated exterior of the restaurant leaves you pleasantly surprised when you enter to find a tastefully, modern fit out with beautiful decor and carefully thought-out touches.

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Myself, Bianca, Mumma Squads and our junior foodie in the making, Baby V, sat down to an early mid-week dinner. I was immediately thankful for the small lift that makes it pram (and wheel-chair) friendly.  We were seated in the outdoor dining area and I noticed how deceptively large the restaurant’s interior is, with both indoor/outdoor seating and even a private dining area.

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With great variety on the menu, it takes some decision-making and we take our ordering process very seriously, so much so that even Baby V gets involved for his approval!

Our chief menu consultant for the evening.
Clearly happy with his selection!






We ordered a few of the lighter options to get us started and we chose perfectly! The salmon salad ($14) is no boring salad. Thinly sliced pieces of salmon are carefully arranged a top a bowl of mixed leaves that have been drizzled with some next-level sesame dressing. Never has a lettuce leaf tasted so good!

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The beef takaki ($17) offers seven thin and precise cuts of Black Angus beef beautifully presented with ponzu jelly and micro herbs.  Perfectly seared with a rare centre.

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The Pork Belly ($16) has been sous-vide for 16 hours and twice-cooked, served up with tama miso and edamame puree. The texture was perfect, not overly gelatinous and with a crispy skin. It was quite a small serve we felt, and a few more pieces would make this an ideal sharing option.

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The Sushi Nigiri ($16) consists of 6 pieces of traditional nigiri including seared salmon, kingfish and eel. Beautifully cooked, particularly the salmon, but I have an aversion to eel so can’t say I tried that!

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Probably our unanimous favourite dish of the evening was the miso cod ($35).  Small pieces of cod, basted in miso, practically melted in the mouth.  It was carefully plated up with dashi radish and dollops of sweet avocado dip.  This is a spectacular dish.

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Of course we went the traditional route and ordered up two sushi rolls. The Tempura Prawn Roll ($14) and the Salmon Avocado Roll ($14). A generous serve of each, super fresh with flavors that popped in the mouth.  Served up with ample ginger on the side, which I very much appreciated!

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Leaving all the fried food to last, we also ordered a serve of the karage chicken ($13). An ideal option for sharing with 5 pieces of super crunchy chicken served with mayonnaise for dipping.

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I personally cannot come to a Japanese restaurant without ordering tempura of some sort and the vegetable tempura ($18)  did not disappoint.  A substantial serve of mixed vegetables coated in a light, tempura that were not at all greasy.

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It was totally unnecessary for us to order dessert after consuming so much but we were curious to try the Yuzu Panna cotta ($14) to share between us. With fresh berries and a flavor somewhat akin to cheesecake, this is a solid option to lighten the palate and round off the meal.  A small serve that is intended for one person, but when you order as much as we did we were thankful for the size!

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You need to experience Katsumi for yourselves to truly understand the careful attention that has been paid to taste and presentation of the dishes.  Pricing is consistent with what you would expect to pay for the quality.  With its sophisticated setting, it makes for an ideal date-night or evening out with a group of friends. Don’t hesitate!



Photos by Bianca

*For Foods Sake dined as guests of Katsumi.  

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