Passion Tree, Chatswood. ‘The Pancake files’.

[invite] Bianca: I’ll put my hands up, I don’t generally gravitate towards Asian sweets, Meet Fresh… jelly based desserts? Japanese Cheesecakes? I…just…dodon’t….get…it? Unless there’s a boatload of chocolate and peanut butter I’m really not interested.

This was actually our second visit to Passion Tree. But now they have pancakes and my interest spiked tenfold! After a meal for 6 people at Radleys, Team FFS stand-ins, Felicitations and Benita made our way to Chatswood interchange for dessert.

Starting with the pretty as a picture Rainbow Cake. Incredibly light and with a prominent vanilla flavouring. If you’re feeling extra daring, go ahead and top one of these on an ice-cream sundae, you know you want too.

Passion 1-1

No-one was more surprised than me, by how much I enjoyed the Mango Cheesecake Bingsoo. Shaved ice forming the foundation of the desert, with a sweet mango cheesecake, frozen refreshing mango chunks and cheesecake pieces.

Passion 5-1

Baked bread? I’m sold. The Caramel Honeybread $12.90 is an easy crowd pleaser. It’s warm, comforting and did I mention it’s a hunk of sweet white bread?

Passion 7-1

And really, the main reason for my visit. The Berry Good Pancake Stack $14.50.  I enjoyed the varying textures and temperatures, the faint sour element from the cream cheese and the strawberry ice-cream. I didn’t care for the waffle cone (kinda unnecessary) but this was definitely our favourite of the pancakes.

Passion 8-1

We were a little less enamoured by the Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack $14.50. Kind of my fault. I don’t really like matcha, neither do my dining compadres. Mea culpa, rah rah rah. Layered with red bean, cream and chewy mochi… this really was not for me.

Passion 9-1

Come for the honey bread, stay for the bingsoo.

Passion 3-1


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Passion Tree. 

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