Four Frogs Creperie, Circular Quay. ‘The ‘kinda’ Pancake files…’!

[invite] Bianca: Crepes or pancakes? That is the age old question. Who saunters into a French creperie boasting of their love for the humble pancake, literally poo poo’ing the very treat you’re about to eat? Moi!, Je Suis desole! Team FFS (with honoury 4th member Felicitations) assembled in Circular Quay on a lovely Sunday afternoon, to explore several of the classic French staples at Four Frogs Creperie. 


So what is the difference between a crepe and a pancake? A pancake or hotcake is typically made with a rising agent, such as baking powder or baking soda, making them thicker and fluffier. Hailing from the Brittany region in North West France, Crepes are very thin and usually crispy. They are made with buckwheat flour, which is gluten-free. Which is totes healthy, yes you read that here first, crepes are a health food. “Disclaimer – For Food’s Sake do not encourage excessive consumption of crepes and pancakes, only a moderate amount”.   🙂

After a fantastic introduction into the world of Four Frogs by manager Benoit, we began our foray into the world of French crepes. Starting with La tartiflette -w/bacon, swiss, raclette cheese, onion & potato $21 and we added an Egg +$3 to another Tartiflette because #cheese. I love the nuttiness of the buckwheat galettes, crispy on the outer edges, the thin crepe allowing the ingredients to really shine. The Swiss & raclette together were strong in flavour, I did find myself gravitating towards the egg version. The runny yolk adding a whole other dimension. My only criticism would be the bacon, I prefer mine crispy, this was a little too stringy and pale for my liking.



We were also very intrigued by their cider pairing, with flights of cider to accompany galettes and crepes. Our favourite was the Ecusson rose Normandie $7 glass, sweet with strong apple notes.

The Chorizo, mushroom, avocado & Swiss cheese $18 seemed to be Felicity’s favourite. I appreciated the paper thin slithers of chorizo allowing every element to work in harmony. The accompanying avocado was great to add some freshness to the plate.


And for what we were really there for. The sweet crepes! Starting with the simple but delicious Grand Marnier ‘la simple’ $14. A great example of showcasing top quality ingredients, it’s such a simple dessert that there really isn’t anywhere to hide.


But for a true showstopper. It’s all about the Quadruple Crepe – Four crepes -w/melted chocolate, ice-cream, banana, whipped cream & grilled almonds. All in celebration of Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday). The very epitome of decadence!



Am I a crepe convert? I’m still a pancake lover through and through but with crepes this good I could definitely see myself being a repeat customer!



Photos by Alex

*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Four Frogs Creperie.  

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