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Vanessa: Lebanese cuisine has always been like the holy grail for me. I wouldn’t dare try and make it myself for lack of confidence and therefore am always on the hunt for a restaurant that satisfies my craving for it. Teta’s Authentic Lebanese, located in Roseville , ticks the boxes on so many levels it’s no wonder it has gained  popularity with locals and those willing to travel for good food.

Conveniently located 5 minutes from my parent’s house, it has for some time been our go-to takeaway fix when visiting, but we recently dined in which took the food to another level.  Myself, mum and sister, Bec, met one Thursday night with our junior foodies in tow, Baby V and my niece, affectionately known as Lessi Bear. Teta’s ,meaning grandmother, is most definitely a family friendly restaurant, which these days I appreciate more than ever before for obvious reasons.  Whilst I may have previously recoiled at the idea of dining with toddlers and children in earshot (yes I will admit I was one of those people) I now embrace it for everything it’s worth. 

Greeted by owner and manager, George, he welcomed us like family and was very accommodating with our little ones.  We knew we were in for a treat when he suggested he would bring us a selection of his best picks of the menu. A feast, is a conservative word to describe the amount of food that was set down before us.

I have always had a weakness for a dip plate and when you pair It with deliciously naughty deep fried bread, well it can’t get much better than that. The mixed dips ($21) consists of hummus, baba ghanouj and labne and is well-portioned to feed three- four people .

The fried kibbe ($17.40) consists of three ground beef & crushed wheat shells filled w/ minced meat, pine nuts, onion & spices. This is always a crowd-pleaser and a particular hit with baby V.

Now I know cauliflower might not be everyone’s cuppa tea, but again there is something about lightly frying a vegetable that somehow makes it much more palatable. Topped with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil & side of tahini, the arnabit ($15.40) its another great sharing option that breaks up the flavor of all the meat that will naturally follow.

The Teta’s lemon garlic chicken charcoal can be served as either an entrée or main and is a delicious serve of succulent chicken breast fillets tossed in a lemon garlic sauce served with rice. This is a substantial dish and strong in flavor but in a good way..just have some mints on stand by.

The mixed skewers plate ($35)  is the ultimate sharing meal. Consisting of  chicken, kafta & lamb skewers served with garlic dip, hummus, pickles & chips this is one delicious dish that if you are coming in for only one thing, this is the plate to get in my opinion.  

To break up the meat sweats we also had a serve of fattoush salad ($17) which again features the delicious fried bread and a citrus based dressing with pomegranate mollasses that really drove the flavor home. This is always my go to salad as well as a side of tabbouleh ($17) for good measure.

Whilst we feasted like Queens, we really only touched the surface of what Teta’s has to offer. Their extensive mezze and substantial banquets (at varied prices and quantities) make this as excellent place to dine with groups, big or small. Great food, family friendly atmosphere and reasonable pricing, it is no wonder it has a loyal patronage and people will drive from out of the area to experience the food.



Photos by Vanessa

*For Foods Sake dined as guests of Teta’s, all opinions however are our own.

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  1. What lovely food, it is definitely authentic Lebanese and that cauliflower is indeed special. Beautiful food and beautiful children, it is so wonderful to be welcomed when you bring your little ones with you.

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