The Gantry, Dawes Point Sydney.

Bianca: Hotel restaurants, where do you stand? Sydney is in a sort of renaissance with hotel dining at the moment. Altitude, Mode Dining, Silvesters, Gowings and The Gantry are all in very fine form.

The husband and I visited on a Sunday for a leisurely long lunch. Taking full advantage of the glorious sunny weather on the harbour.

We opted for the six-course tasting menu for $110 per person and bought wines and drinks as we went along. I do recommend booking a table outside if you can and if weather permits.

Course 1 – Raw Spencer Gulf Kingfish -w/ cucumber, wasabi & white soy was an elegantly plated and delicate affair. Velvety, delicious kingfish, with a hint of sweetness, and none of that potent fishiness. I enjoyed the use of fresh & pickled cucumber, adding a wonderful contrast of sourness.

Course 2 – Steamed Murray Cod -w/ broccolini, almonds & green garlic. Buttery, cooked and seasoned well. The combination was near perfect. The crunch from the toasted almonds & broccolini added a clever point in texture.

Course 3 – Roast Little Hill Farm Chicken -w/ celeriac, braised leeks & comte. I will generally steer away from chicken these days, find it a little on the boring side. But if & when you visit The Gantry and you go the a la carte route, order the chicken for a main. You will not be disappointed! A juicy/ fatty piece of chicken thigh & breast meat, paired with the roasted leek, celeriac and THAT comte cheese sauce, the epitome of decadence.

Course 4 – Charcoal Grilled Paroo Kangaroo -w/ kumara, padron pepper & romesco. So I originally tried to swap this dish out for another but was swayed by our waitress. I’m glad I listened to her. I tend to shy away from kangaroo as I find it particularly gamey. Not the case here, cooked to a beautiful medium rare. The kumara two ways adding both crunch and a heartiness. Tread lightly with the Padron pepper, it was fiery! Another must order dish!

Course 4 – Coconut – w/ desert lime & dragon fruit. A clever play of sweet & sour, with the citrus giving some relief to the palate, all in the lead up for the final act. Truth be told, this palate cleanser of sorts was my favourite dessert.

And finally, Course 5 – Chocolate -w/ dulce de leche, buckwheat & cocoa nibs. I heart chocolate like nobodies business and this has all the elements for a winning dessert. The chocolate cake with varying textures was a crisp outer shell, encasing a creamy centre. The dulce de leche was a standout, a deep rich caramel to tantalise the taste buds. We found the dulce de leche ice-cream on the eggy side, feedback the husband passed on to the staff as we were leaving.

It’s on the quieter side of town but worth a stop in for a romantic sunrise dinner or a long lunch with a view.


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