Welcome to FFS!!

Welcome to For Food’s Sake! A food, lifestyle and travel blog created by three food obsessed Italian-Australians.. Vanessa, Bianca and Alex.

Growing up in a traditional Italian household, Sunday evenings were reserved for non-negotiable family dinners with our grandparents (the nonni). Fifteen or so people crammed around a ridiculously small table, elbow to elbow, family members reaching over each other to grab the fresh pane di casa, plates piled high with chicken schnitzel’s and meat balls.

Fortunately we have had the opportunity to refine our growing palates on Nonno’s tomato passata, christmas/easter biscuits and hearty bowls of minestrone.

From a young age we experienced many large family gatherings centered around food. It was a standard scene to see tables laden with homemade gnocchi al forno, rabbit and Zia’s tiramisu or mango cheesecake. These family gatherings not only made us appreciate our culture and traditions but ignited our passion for food.

Afghani in Five-Dock, Rotisserie chicken in Granville, pizza in Haberfield, Burgers in Leichhardt, Portuguese in Petersham, fish and chips in Palm Beach. We are blessed to live in this multicultural melting pot we know as Sydney.

We thankfully get the best of both worlds.

So join us as we eat across Sydney… Australia… and the world.

Welcome to For Food’s Sake



Preparations for Sunday Night Dinners. 

Author: forfoodssake

A Sydney food blog.

4 thoughts

  1. Well done, I especially love the picture of your nonno cooking the sunday feast, its such a familiar scenario for “the famiglia”

  2. FFS Fantastico V.B.A. !!!

    Now, where is this ‘ridiculously small table’…..just saying 

    Ness/Bianc, are you going to review Yen for Viet?

    Zig xx

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