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[invite] Bianca: We have long been fans of the dining options at the Intercontinental Sydney. Previous write-ups include the High Coffee and High Tea  in the Cortile lounge and a truffle tasting menu at 117 Dining. Walking away each time more impressed than my last visit.

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The signature buffet Land to Sea at Cafe Opera will set you back $99 per adult & $59 per child on a Saturday-Sunday lunch and Friday-Sunday dinner.

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Includes unlimited Sparkling and soft drink.

Feast on Antipasto – deli meats, cheese, bread and crackers.

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Dips – Hummus, beetroot, eggplant & tzatiki.

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Gravitating on over to one of my favourite stations… the Potatoes! You can never go wrong with Mac & Cheese!

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We were big fans of the mixed Sushi selection, which were incredibly fresh tasting. The salmon sashimi was paper-thin and buttery.

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For the salad folk, a station to create your own concoctions.

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And the main event. Piled high, mounds of fresh seafood. Balmain bugs, blue swimmer crab, spanner crab, marinated mussels, fresh prawns and Sydney rock oysters!

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Everything was exceptionally fresh tasting. My dining companion Phil went through several plates so he came out of it a very happy camper.

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The Asian section was reasonably stocked. I went back for several pork buns.

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As well as the vegetarian noodles.

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The roast section was quite the sight. I was ushered behind the scenes to get an up-close look at the grilled whole salmon, roast lamb shoulder and roast beef rump!

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The beef rendang offering up a saucier number.

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I was less taken by the filled pasta, I thought the sauce lacked dimension.

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I can never go past a good blue cheese. I was a little disappointed with the quality of the smallgoods.

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Balmain Bug

Desserts are always my favourite part of any meal. With the display looking like something out of Tiffany’s.

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Pretty as a picture, the baked cheesecake.

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With a hit of citrus, gorgeous little lemon meringue tarts.

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Strawberries and cream cake.

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The classic opera cake, layers of pure bliss.

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Pure decadence, the chocolate fountain. Admittedly I drowned half of my desserts in the chocolate sauce…

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And easily my favourite dessert, perhaps not much to look at but the Diplomats Pudding saw me going back for seconds… No judgements here… it’s a buffet.

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I’ll admit, I’m not great at buffets, opting for the cheese, bread and desserts and completely bypassing the seafood. But there’s enough here to satisfy just about anyone.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Cafe Opera, The Intercontinental. 

Cafe Opera The Intercontinental Sydney


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