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Bianca: An absolute must-visit when venturing north towards Port Stephens is the charming restaurant The Poyers, owned and run by husband and wife duo Ludovic Poyer and Mandy. Located 30 mins from the heart of Port Stephens in Lemon Tree Passage, The Poyer’s perhaps takes the cake for one of my most memorable meals in 2020.

Perched on Tilligerry Creek, The Poyer’s sources local ingredients with a focus on European cuisine. As soon as we entered we were warmly greeted by co-owner Mandy and shown to our table overlooking the water. Service throughout the evening was particularly memorable, jovial and knowledgable without being intrusive.

We started with Vienna Sourdough -w/ flavoured butters $8. The flavoured butter was a masterstroke.

Despite a year-long stint working at the Sydney Fish Markets my aversion to oysters is still strong! Julian happily indulged in a trio of Sydney Rock Oysters: Kilpatrick, Mornay and White Wasabi Balsamic. Commenting that the Oysters were a highlight.

I had my eyes firmly on the Seared Scallops -w/ spiced cauliflower puree & raisin emulsion $19. The scallops were plump and beautifully caramelised.

For mains, Julian opted for the Braised Beef Cheek Burgundy, creamy mash, winter veg, speck $36 which was absolutely divine. Tender, unctuous melt in the mouth beef, paired with caramelised batons of speck. A delicious hearty winter warmer!

I could not stop raving about my chosen main, the Honey-glazed poached chicken, creamy gnocchi, goats cheese, cumin & mushroom fricassee $36. This dishes success was in it’s cooking execution, the poached chicken ballotine stuffed with goats cheese was exceptionally moist and tender. This dishes main success was in its varying textures, I will admit that I begrudgingly shared a few bites with Julian… this dish was THAT good!

And finally, finishing strong with the Peanut Butter Parfait -w/ coffee meringue, coffee coulis & coffee jelly $16. For two peanut butter/coffee lovers this dessert was a riot! Cutting into the peanut butter parfait, we were rewarded with an intense coffee jelly. This dessert was best enjoyed with a mouthful of each element, ensuring a creamy, chewy and crispy bite. Perfection on a plate!

I HIGHLY recommend The Poyers, a truly faultless meal.


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  1. It has been so long since I have seen your writings, it’s so nice to see your again. I loved everything about this post especially the memories of this meal long forgotten. Keep it up!!

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