Monstera, Mosman.

[invite] Bianca: Ticking the box for perhaps one of the best locations in Sydney, is Monstera. Perched on Mosman Bay Wharf is one of the latest cafe openings in Sydney.

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From the team behind the popular Kirribilli cafe, Celcius Coffee Co. The small 22 seater draws a sizeable mid-morning crowd. It’s amply covered and the heaters ensure that even in winter you’ll be comfortable.

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Proudly serving coffee by Canberra roasters ONA.

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Mum’s Skim Mocha got the tick of approval.

My Soy Cappucino $4 was well balanced and not overly milky.

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Monstera was inspired by one of the owners’ love for plants.

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I mean….. the view alone, it would be easy to while away a few hours just reading a good book and enjoying several coffees.

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First up was the Pork Belly Hotdog – daikon, air-dried pork, fresh wasabi leaves, citrus paprika mayo, milk bun roll $19. I first came across pork floss at Devon Cafe back in 2014 (in a sweet dessert) clearly I was traumatised since I managed to avoid it for close to 5 years. Used here it made much more sense, with a sweet/salty concentrated flavour. The pork was wonderfully soft and tender with a great caramelisation. Good ratio of pork/roll/sauce as well.

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A popular one leaving the kitchen, Something Light -w/Heirloom tomatoes, avocado, goats cheese, house chilli lime & roasted almonds on sourdough $16 + Chorizo $4. Ticking all the boxes for the healthy crowd, whilst I’m usually averse to extra work when I eat out (hence why you’ll never see me at Korean BBQ), the presentation of the avo with the accompanying spoon was tres cute! The chorizo was delicious, the tomatoes zesty, all in all, light, fresh and tasty.

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Now, I’m a pancake girl through and through, clothing apparel and accompanying accessories do not lie. But I’d put my money on these being the best waffles in Sydney at the moment. Monstera Waffles -w/ berries, maple syrup, honeycomb & lemon mascarpone $20. Simple concept but every ingredient shone, fluffy house-made waffles, the citrusy mascarpone and fresh fruit and an abundance of maple syrup. Decadence at its finest.

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I tossed up whether to get this or not but the carb lover in me one out. Fruit bread is a serious weakness of mine (clearly one of many). Brasserie Bread Toasted Date & Apricot fruit load -w/ local butter $7.5.

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Currently one of Sydney’s best kept secrets but I can’t imagine that will last very long.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Monstera Mosman.

Cafe Monstera

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