Four Little Foxes, Milperra

Vanessa: A local, serving up delicious dishes with a twist..yes please! Those were my exact thoughts when an invite was extended for us to visit Four Little Foxes in Milperra on a Sunday a few weeks back.  Myself, Mr M and Baby V had visited once or twice before but this was Bianca’s first visit to the “Miply” establishment.

Run by a young and energetic duo, Four Little Foxes offers cafe food with an edge. The interior space is small and as such there may be a little wait from time to time, but I think it’s worth it.  There are also a few outdoor tables available. Those that are in the know are seeking out favorites such as eggs benny with southern fried chicken or Pardon My French, french toast…because if you know, you know!

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You can see they take great pride in their coffee offering different varieties including cold drip as well as a number of fresh juices. Bianca chose the mixed berry frappe, which Baby V was a fan of, even if the thickness of it made it somewhat difficult to drink.

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I had the Smooth Pavo ($16.50) which is an upgrade from your standard smashed avo with the addition of peas ( Peas and avo, hence pavo!). This is served with a smear of cauliflower hummus and topped with rocket, quinoa and watercress salad topped with some roasted tomatoes and feta cheese. The healthier choice of dishes had that day. It’s satisfying but not too filling, which I appreciated.

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The aforementioned Eggs Benny with a side of Southern Fried Chicken and Japaneno Hollandaise ($17.50) is a standard favorite for Mr. M, he can’t go past it.  The chicken is super crunchy yet moist and the jalapeno sauce is creamy and mild, so even chilli fearers like me can deal with it .

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The kids meal southern fried chicken nugget and chips ($6) could satisfy most adults. It’s a generous serve of bite-sized crunchy chicken pieces and well seasoned chips. Baby V was happy about it!

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The blueberry & white choc hotcake ($18,50) is a show stopper. Not only did it look beautiful, it was perfectly fluffy and well-cooked.  There is a lot of depth of flavor and texture in this one dish with black currants, dried figs and crushed pecans along with salted caramel cream cheese and house made meringue. We were initially a little perplexed by the side of maple-infused milk until we poured it on and tasted it only to realise it was the perfect addition that also made the hotcake extra moist.  Be sure to give this is a try when you visit!

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A side of bacon and haloumi were ordered for good measure and because why not.

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A treasure for the locals but I also dare say it’s worth a drive even if you are not local.  You are sure to be impressed by the food on offer, we certainly were.



Photos by Bianca

*For Foods Sake dined as guests of Four Little Foxes  






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