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Bianca: An overdue catch up brought me to Norton Street, Leichhardt. I had a hankering for a really good burger and Bonarche Burgers fits that bill for me. Alas it wasn’t to be, a sign on the front door telling customers Bonarche wouldn’t be opening until after 2pm. It was 12pm and with Meat Free Week calling my name in two days, I had a hankering for a burger that needed to be satisfied.

Café Rodizio, a Brazilian wine bar, sits at the front of the Italian Forum. This once great pillar in the Leichhardt Italian community was virtually a ghost town this beautiful sunny Saturday. My criteria that day was pretty much – Menu/scan/beef/burger/check. The prospect of seven days without any animal ‘meat’ products was particularly daunting, so I felt like I needed to make up for it in the days leading up.

After a quick perusal of the menu I settled on the Café Rodizio Sliders – a trio of three sliders Lamb, Beef and pulled pork served with chips and aioli. Unfortunately, none of the three sliders had much going for them. It was hard to discern between the three individual sliders, they all tasted very same-same. When I struggle to finish a burger then we definitely have a problem. Image

My dining companion for the day, ‘Bennetts’ had the Portuguese Chicken burger served with chips and aioli, the fact that the burger was almost bigger than his face made me chuckle a little but he loved the burger. Another small gripe was the ‘aioli’, we were looking forward to a creamy/rich sauce but were given chutney, it wasn’t bad, just not what was stated on the menu. Image

Service was generally friendly, unobtrusive and attentive when needed. Café Rodizio offer churrasco and tapa’s Thursday to Sunday in the evening as well as live entertainment on Saturday nights. Image

We also won’t speak of the ‘make-up’ burger eaten in the evening to satiate those meat cravings.…..



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