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Bianca: I’ve made it more of a mission to eat more in my own ‘backyard’. With Rhodes a short 10-minute bike ride away, it’s a great excuse to explore the local surrounds (food) whilst getting some exercise (not being a fatty boom boom). Last on my Rhodes cafe hit-list was Auvers Cafe. They’ve been chugging along quietly since they opened late last year. Alex visited earlier this year and this post is a compilation with my recent July visit thrown in the mix.

Coffee’s were decent but I did have to throw in a small amount of sugar to minimise the bitterness. Owner Ron also insisted we try the Taro Latte $3.80 which was akin to sipping on a cake (trust me, it makes sense).

The concept of the cafe is an interesting one, good food, good drinks and a bit of art thrown in for good measure. Local artists display and sell their artwork and browsing the lined walls is encouraged. I picked myself up a new phone case and mumma squads came away with a cute Auvers branded mug.


I’ve tried to get out of the habit of ordering Avo on toast but this was from Alex’s visit, so blame him. The Smashed Avo -w/ sweet corn miso & furikake $16. This gets extra creative points for the addition of the corn miso cream.


But the winner of the food beauty pageant goes to the Auvers Pancake – Green tea matcha pancakes, green tea glaze, sponge, red bean paste & raspberry sorbet $18. Just where do I begin? As you can see, the pancakes have somewhat evolved since Alex’s visit in Feb. The matcha glaze a little more subdued and muted. For those that don’t know, I’m not the biggest matcha fan but these were utterly gorgeous. Quite possibly one of my FAVOURITE pancake dishes in Sydney. The pancake incredibly light and airy, the white chocolate glaze giving just a hint of sweetness. Accented finally by the tartness of the raspberry sorbet.



Auvers 7 new edit (1 of 1)Auvers 8 new edit (1 of 1)

I do typically shy away from granolas and porridge when I’m out because they’re pretty boring, stay home and tip some cereal out of the box instead? But when you see something like the Granola – Smoked Maple Granola, Yoghurt, Peanut Butter mousse & Seasonal Fruits $16, you kind of change your tune. Exceptionally striking to look at with the vibrant red dragon fruit acting as a crown of sorts. Hands down the peanut butter mousse was the real MVP. A great one for the warmer months.



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I didn’t really know what to expect when I ordered the Confit Mushrooms – w/green peppercorn sauce, chives & toasted sourdough $16. I adore mushrooms don’t get me wrong but this was probably our least favourite dish (but the competition was strong). There was a mild heat from the green peppercorn sauce, an intriguing flavour and not one I’ve really encountered before. Excellent use of a variety of mushies but the varying sizes made for an awkward eating experience.


And last but not least, the Beef Cheek – Slow cooked beef cheek, carrot puree, Kombu butter, charred broccolini & pickled onions $23. This……..was…….incredible! The beef cheek was out of this world, tender is maybe a little trite and overused but this was the epitome of soft, luscious, gelatinous, unctuous beef. The thick filmy kombu butter leaving a slickness on the lips and in the throat (dirty) but the flavour is mind blowing. The carrot puree is used well here, the sweetness cutting through the rich beef and sauce.


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For a former Café black hole, Rhodes currently has two of my favourites. Auver’s demands your patronage, go for the Matcha Pancakes but make sure you start with the beef cheek.

You’re welcome!


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  1. Love the cafe’s concept. I’m not a fan of strong natcha flavours so the slightly muted kind on this gorgeous looking pancake sounds good!!! Mmmm them confit mushrooms.

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