Jasmins, Granville.

Bianca: The feast that keeps on giving at Jasmins Granville. Team FFS assembled one Sunday lunch for an epic feed that would tide me over well into lunch the following Monday.

Middle Eastern food is always such an experience, the beauty of the cuisine is in its ability to bring people together.

We opted for the $30 Banquet with a few other additions just for good measure.

Big tick for the Hummus, we loved the citrus(y) notes and happily report we ate this well into Wednesday with some Lebanese bread bought from the Beirut Bakery up the road.

Jasmin 17 (1 of 1)

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I’ve never seen Baba Ghanouj served with diced tomatoes but this was quickly hoovered up by the table.

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The mince filled Kibbeh was delicious with a thin outer crispy shell, encasing the delicious meat inside.

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You can never go wrong with Falafel in my books. Excellent flavour and texture, with and without hummus these were tasty.

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Fluffy, crispy pastry encasing the well-seasoned ground beef, the Sambousek went down a treat.

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All the hallmarks of a great Fattoush, perhaps a little too much parsley for my liking (I also have an aversion to tabbouleh) but crispy bread? You can’t go wrong.

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Aforementioned Tabbouleh…

Not included in the banquet is the Haloumi Ladies Fingers. Anything cheese and pastry related and we’re all over it!

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We ordered this for the littlest member of FFS, Vanessa’s son, Vincent. Kafta & Chips but as luck would have it, it was placed directly in my line of sight and I devoured most of it. The kafta was well seasoned with a great texture.

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For the serious meat eaters. A trio of Meats – Lamb, Chicken & Kafta. Slather some toum, meat & fattoush in the chilli leb bread and you’ll be in heaven.

Jasmin 15 (1 of 1)

Make sure you order the Lemon Garlic Chicken, tender chicken pieces tossed through a lemon, garlic and parsley sauce.

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For the serious carbohydrate fiends, the Mansaf Chicken -w/ rice cooked with chicken, mansaf spices and topped with mixed nuts.

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Duck lips says YES to Jasmin’s.



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    This place is unreal; seriously amazing food, incredible service, setting is charming and comfortable, the owners are just the best.

    Worth to drive from Newcastle to taste some amazing food and uniquely thought out dishes.

    Big Thanks, Couple from Newcastle!!!

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