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Bianca: Post-Mexican honeymoon, my love for Mexican food had been reinvigorated. My go-to back in the day was a quick coin toss between Flying Fajita Sisters or Baja Cantina in Glebe. But Mexican cuisine has gotten a facelift in Sydney. Gone are the heavy Tex-Mex, cheese-laden concoctions. With a focus on more traditional and regional Mexican cuisines.

From the husband and wife team behind Barrio Cellar, Chula offers some fantastic region-centric food. Alongside Contrabando in the city CBD, its some of the best in Sydney.

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Rosebank circa 2005 Crew!!!

Rosebank circa 2005 Crew!!!

I’ve requested Guacamole via IV but no-one has ever made that happen for me… Alas, you’ll want to order the Guacamole $14. Well seasoned, with some of my favourite additions, tomato & diced Spanish onion. Perfect ratio of chips & guac!

The next dish sounded better on paper than in actual execution. Chorizo Empanada $6 (1). These didn’t work for me at all, I had several versions of a corn masa pastry whilst in Playa and I quite enjoy the mealiness of the corn dough but these just tasted odd. All winning ingredients but there was a lingering taste that wasn’t for me.

A must-order is the Huitaloche Quesadilla $16. I was intrigued by the Mexican truffle (a fungus that grows on corn) really quite similar in taste to a typical mushroom and texturally very soft.

The Taco list is very expansive, we opted for four tacos. The Crispy Fish Taco $7, the braised chicken Pollo Barbacoa $7, the pulled Pork Cochinita $7 and the slow-cooked Lamb Birria $7. All well balanced and amply filled. I’m a big advocate for corn tortillas over flour! My favourite was probably the pulled pork.

I had never come across a Tlayuda (Oaxacan street food) before. Kind of like a crispy taco/pizza hybrid. I blanked when I ordered and these came as the standard Flour based Tortillas. I’d probably order the corn base when I return. The Chorizo -w/onion, jalapeno & guacamole $18 was the stand-out favourite. And despite eating like a prized heifer, I could have easily eaten the whole thing to myself, it was delicious.

The Cochinita Tlayuda -w/ Achiote pulled pork, tomatillo salsa, pickled onion & cilantro $18 was equally tasty, with tender pulled pork and melted Oaxacan cheese.

And a second visit with my BAE from the @thejugernauts  we dug into some tacos, opting for the Nopales w/ cactus & mushrooms $7 I’d definitely say these were my favourite of the lot.

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Followed closely by Carne Asada -w/ Charcoal scotch fillet $7.5, the beef was a perfect medium-rare and incredibly tender. Definitely order these! 

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Next up, the Tuna Sashimi Tostadas -w/ avocado, chipotle mayo & crispy leek $18. I enjoyed the freshness of the tuna with the caramelised crispy leek. 

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It was more out of general interest that we ordered the Masa Gnocchi $25. Gnocchi made from a corn dough? Whilst tasty it was a little heavy and the combination of the eggplant, onions and tomato was a little too acidic for my tastes. 

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You MUST order the Camaron -w/ Guajillo & garlic prawns, lettuce, chipotle mayo,
queso & avocado $20. Tortillas, plump sweet prawns and cheese, what else could want? 

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It’s worth going to CHULA alone for the Tres Leches Cake -w/ grilled pineapple and coffee ice-cream.

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I already can’t wait for my next visit!! 


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