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Bianca: Looking for a quick feed before seeing the seriously effed up ‘Map to the Stars’ with my work pal Mark (Job Dun) who I then proceeded to bully into making him wear his namesakes t-shirt, yes I’m a dictator. We made our way to ‘Moo Burgers’ in Newtown.


For the burger mad fiend that I am, this marks my third visit to the east coast burger chain, with all three visits at varying locations – Coogee, Bondi and now Newtown.

If there is something to say for the chain, it is that they are consistent. At each location I had a decent burger, nothing mind-blowing but decent.

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This particular Fry-day, I ironically bypassed the fries for some Onion Rings, cos that’s just how we roll, Mark was allowed two (I counted). With a big(ger) evening of eating on the cards I silenced the ‘more’ monster and opted for the teeny weeny baby burger. The ‘Mini Cheese’ – classic cheese burger, Angus Beef, cheddar cheese, tomato, mixed leaf, home-made mayonnaise and tomato relish. $8.50 as well as a side of ‘Onion Rings’ $4.95. Another Cheeseburger (gate) – it’s definitely a hamburger, granted I enjoyed the mini version much more than the regular larger version I had over in Bondi in October. This one seemed to have a more generous amount of mayo and relish making it a much more enjoyable burger. It was cooked to all high hell, a little bit of pink in the centre would have been nice and flavour wise it was a little bland. But again, it was fine. The onion rings however, always a drawcard for me. They do them well.




Mark went with my other choice – the ‘Beef Avocado & Bacon’ –w/ Angus Beef, avocado puree, free range bacon, tomato, mixed leaf lettuce, home-made mayonnaise and tomato relish $15.50 as well as a side of ‘Sweet Potato Chips’ $5.50. His thoughts pretty much echoed my own, the patty was a letdown, overcooked and under seasoned. He did enjoy the addition of the avocado and perfectly crisp bacon… because BACON! And I’ll put this out there, some of the best sweet potato fries I’ve had, they were a little scarce though.

IMG_1850 (2)


IMG_1854 (1)

It was a short and sweet one today. Moo Burgers, great for a quick burger pit stop but it wouldn’t be my first choice for a really top-notch burger.


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  1. I drop into Moo Burgers at Crows Nest quite often as its close to work. Not bad for a burger hit, especially if you get them on one of their regular specials days, where you can get a burger and chips for $15!

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