Kepos Street Kitchen

Alex: Waiting around for almost 20 minutes is not ideal when your stomach is going to rip out of your chest because you’re that hungry! But when everyone is talking about just how worthwhile the wait is for this one hatted restaurant,  I was more inclined to endure the wait.

Kepos Street Kitchen is a quaint corner cafe perched on its namesake, Kepos street and it offers contemporary middle eastern/Mediterranean food.


Joining me on this lovely Sunday lunch was my not so favourite Bianc and pocket rocket Joyce. We decided to share the home-made hummus, pine nuts, extra virgin olive oil $12. Let me just say, this was the best Hummus I have ever had in Sydney and it comes second only to Maha in Melbourne. The humus was so light and airy with great textural elements coming  in the form of the crunchy pine nuts. The oil helped bring some density to the dish and the warm bread that it was served with made this a clear winner in my eyes.


Just look at those Pine nuts!

Me and Bianc were having a tiff on who was going to order the chicken burger and…I won, so Bianc got the falafel, hummus, tabouleh, mint on schiacciata bread $17. I hate to admit defeat, but she got the winner of the whole entire day (and let me know it). This was superb! The falafel were super crispy on the outside. It was a generous serving and the falafel was so fresh with vibrant colours popping out all over the place! Great dish if you’re not wanting something that’s so heavy.



There’s no question that I got the most attractive burger. The southern fried chicken sandwich, middle eastern coleslaw, chermoula mayo $18. When it arrived to the table all I could think about was how I was going to eat it…I’m ashamed to say a knife and fork was used. The flavours were good. Definitely strong middle eastern ingredients coming through in the coating of the chicken. That chermoula mayo though. Oh my goodness man! Let me drown in it.


It seemed to be a burger day today so Joyce completed the trio by ordering the Braised wagyu brisket Burger with tahini, roasted eggplant, mint. This was sadly our least favourite of the 3. The brisket was cooked beautifully. Nice and tender and melted as it touched your mouth but I think what let the dish down was the lack of seasoning, mainly from the brisket. I felt as though I needed to lather the whole burger in salt.


All in all, a wonderful experience at Kepos Street Kitchen.

I want to come back for breakfast so if anyone has any suggestions on what I should order, let me know!

_MG_0948Until next time!

Alex Squadrito

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  1. Ooh looks so good! I’ve had the falafel burger too and is amazeballs! For brekkie I would definitely recommend Dad’s favourite breakfast (I’m pretty sure that’s what it’s called) it’s so moorish 🙂

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