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[invite] Bianca: Finally making its way across the pond, Devon Cafe North Sydney has recently opened its doors right across from North Sydney station. Perhaps known for their epic breakfast spreads, as well as one of Sydney’s most famous truffle menus. We’ve visited Devon numerous times but never for dinner.

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Devon has always straddled that fine line between boundary pushing and complete genius. We did struggle with the idea of Crepes, duck and duck liver for brunch… definitely not for us! But just what would they tempt us with for an evening trade.

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Joining us on our mission today was Joyceicles, she’s a mega foodie, excellent cook and great recruit for all food-based adventures.

King Salmon Tartare -w/ crushed avocado, caviar & crackers $16. Joyce and I loved this dish. Texturally great, with the creaminess from the avocado, crispy cracker & bursts of freshness from the roe & caviar. The salmon was perfectly tender. A quintessential summer dish and one I would happily have all to myself.

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This next dish was a mind bender, expertly melding a typical Italian staple and Asian flavours. The Eggplant, Sichuan Chilli oil, burrata & Turkish bread $15. A generous serve, we enjoyed the wallop of chilli, hitting you smack in the face. The eggplant, having a brilliant smokiness. We happily tucked into a few pieces of the Turkish bread, mopping up the creamy burrata.

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I was intrigued by the Omurice -w/tomato & garlic butter, Japanese omelette, mushroom demi-glace $16 + fried chicken $8. This is one dish that is definitely not going to win any beauty pageants! A hearty meal for one with all your essentials. It wasn’t really to my tastes but I enjoyed the paella-esque rice and crispy fried chicken.

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We loved the Ragu alla Sichuanese – Coriander tagliolini, Dan Dan style chilli minced beef, peanuts, burrata & slow cooked egg $22. A clever pasta/noodle hybrid. A gorgeous fiery heat cooled slightly by the creamy burrata. The yolk adding a velvety creaminess.

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And you can’t go wrong with a side of carbs. The Portuguese Seasoned chips $7.

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Dessert is never a choice, it’s a given. Lost in Black Forest -w/ brioche French Toast, cherry sorbet, milk chocolate, Chantilly, chocolate shavings & cherries $18 is the over the top, decadent option. If you have a weakness for chocolate you’ll love the rich chocolate mouse in the centre, the Chantilly was a little OTT but we’re not really fans here at FFS. This is a winner.

That was only just outshone by the Mango Kakigori – shaved ice, coconut soft serve, fresh mango, lychee, passion fruit & whipped yoghurt $14. This isn’t really something that would typically appeal to me, where’s the chocolate? But what a brilliant combination of ingredients and flavours. Refreshing, with varying textures. Honestly, if this was a permanent fixture I’d go back for this dessert alone.

Some hit and miss dishes at Devon North Sydney, I quite enjoyed their foray into night dining. And I could see this being something the other half would enjoy so would definitely return.


Photos by Bianca & Alex

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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Devon Cafe North Sydney. 

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  1. Every man and his dog seem to be doing a burrata dish now! Not that I’m one to complain. As a long time member of the Devon Breakfast Club, I can’t believe I haven’t made it across the bridge yet for their North Sydney outlet. I definitely need to rectify this asap.

  2. How good was the Kakigori! Very unique dessert. Good thing I work in North Syd, 2-3 days a week. The Omurice is next on the list to try. Yum!

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