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[invite] Bianca: The last time I headed to the Northern Beaches for a burg, Josh Arthurs was slinging burgers at Danno’s in Dee Why. A lot has changed since then and the burger scene is a whole different monster. Originals Burger Co are fairly new to the party, opening mid last year. I had them on my ‘to eat’ list for a little while, before the schedule cleared up and I could finally make the schlep to Brookvale (sorry ya’ll its far).

The fit-out is pretty sleek, loads of wood paneling and a large glass frontage. Perhaps not a sought out dining locale, smack bam in an industrial estate and next door to a Subway. I wanted to stick to the simpler burgers to get a good grasp of the quality straight off the bat, so I ignored the behemoth pizza burger special owner Josh suggested I give a whirl.

Reasonably priced, the Cheeseburger –w/free range grass-fed beef, American cheese, pickles, tomato sauce & mustard $9.99 w/crispy bacon $3 and extra cheese $1.50. First appearances were very promising, the cheese was ooey gooey, melted out over the patty. Bacon was super crispy as requested. Excellent ratios of sauce. The bun, pliable and soft. But sadly this burger fell very flat for me, the beef patty was overcooked. Texturally un-enjoyable and a discernible fattiness that permeated the entire patty. I mentioned this in a discussion with Josh the owner and he explained that due to the NSW Food Authority they have to cook beef patties well done, which in turn dictates the cuts of beef he has to use in his product.

The Chicken Burger on the other hand, was a whole other kettle of fish. With buttermilk fried chicken, bacon, cheese, BBQ sauce and OG’s blue cheese sauce $13.99. The chicken was incredibly juicy with a particularly crisp outer coating, bacon was crispy and the cheese in abundance. But the real winner was that creamy blue cheese sauce. Absolutely genius! I didn’t even mind the lettuce!

You’re going to want to get two servings of the Loaded Originals Fries $6.99 sharing is caring and all that but when it comes to these fries, solitude is bliss. Fluffy crispy potato, bacon, gravy AND sauce…And as far as I’m concerned, shallots are a vegetable ergo, these are healthy!

And finally, just for curiosity’s sake, the Philly Cheesesteak Jaffle –w/ Beef cheek, American cheese, pickles, onion & mustard $9.99. Tender slow cooked beef cheek, fatty and rich, with the sharpness of the pickles and mustard and finally complimented by the creamy cheese. Perfect indulgent comfort food.

Shame about the beef burger but I do hope that was an anomaly. If you’re in the area, I’d recommend hitting them up.


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