The Stuffed Beaver, Crows Nest.

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[invite] Bianca: Back when I first visited the Stuffed Beaver in Bondi we had been wading into the Sydney food-obsessed world for a year.  I was burger mad and proud and happily slamming burgers back at 10am. I still LOVE them but they’ve now taken a slight backseat to my pancake obsession.

But when I caught wind that The Stuffed Beaver had opened a new outpost in my grandparents hood in Crows Nest & it coincided with an invitation, it was a fairly easy decision.

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Team FFS (sans Alex but plus newest addition Vincenz) headed over for a cheeky Friday lunch. The space is deceptive, a small frontage on busy Pacific Highway opens up to a huge expansive area spanning 3 levels. Vincent clearly in the mood for some fried goodies was VERY excited about this meal…. cue tears!

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What the hell mum?

The John Candy Combo -w/ beef, fried jack cheese, bacon & pickles $16.99 was a heart stopper on a plate. This had a lot going for it, I enjoyed the disc of fried cheese, the crispiness of the bacon and the sharpness from the pickles but the burger was majorly lacking sauce and the patties were on the dry side. The flavour was there but with some tweaking, this could be a killer burger. This gets 3.7/5 pickles.

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Ness opted for some greenery with the Make Americana Great Again -w/beef, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo, pickles & beaver burger sauce $16.99. Ness also made mention of the burger needing more sauce. This had all the essential elements – crispy bacon, tangy pickles, an abundance of cheese and foliage for the people that don’t know better. 3.6/ 5 pickles.

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Mumma went for her usual go to. The Chicken Kahuna -w/grilled chicken, pineapple, bacon, lettuce, mayo & BBQ sauce $16.99. The buns were pretty sturdy vessels to hold everything, the chicken was super juicy and very flavourful. I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the pineapple, adding a nice burst of sweetness. This gets 3.6/5 pickles.

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You can’t have burgers without sides! I adored the Poutine last time and knew it was going to make a reappearance. The Classic Poutine -w/fries, cheese & gravy $14.99 is a must order. Crispy, gooey, gooey. It’s decadent and you’re probably going to regret it 30 minutes later but #yolo.

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And because we’re part-time fitspo, some veggies. Frickles -/ battered pickles $6.99. Served with ranch on the side.

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Onion Rings w/ Ranch sauce $8.99 have probably been some of the better onion rings I’ve had lately. Crispy with a light unobtrusive batter, these had a bit of a kick to them which we enjoyed.

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A pretty great addition to the North Shore, I’d definitely drop in if I was in the area.

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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of the Stuffed Beaver.

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