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Vanessa: The Tramsheds are still fairly unchartered territory for me as I don’t feel I have experienced their full potential. A recent visit to Bekya Middle Eastern Kitchen has only further cemented my drive to add this to my dining rotation. Bekya is a family-run business that provides diners with an extensive menu of Middle Eastern cuisine with an Egyptian influence. The space is light and bright which makes for a lovely, relaxed dining experience for lunch or dinner.

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The Friday FFS crew arrived at Bekya with a hunger and enthusiasm to steer our taste buds in an entirely different direction from our usual café fare.  We are lovers of middle eastern cuisine so chose a carefully considered mix of dishes we were familiar with and those that were entirely new to us.  Bekya’s food philosophy is centered around creating family recipes that are best shared which is an old honoured tradition and expression of hospitality .

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Mumma squads opted for a cinnamon espresso martini ($15) , because why not treat yourself and I chose a pomegranate mojito ($8) which was really fresh and zesty.

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We did not hold back on the ordering so managed to sample much of the menu.  Starting off with some of our favourites we couldn’t resist  the trio of dips ($19) with baba ghanouj, hummus and labneh. This is a solid offering and ideal for sharing to get the palate going. The addition of lamb and pine nuts to the hummus is my all time favourite

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Hummus is a crowd pleaser all around and even Baby V can’t resist it.  Beyka’s vibrant roasted beetroot and dill hummus served with crispy bread ($12)  not only looks appealing but has a depth of flavor that takes it to another level.

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The fried kibbeh ($13) and the Ladies fingers ($13) are great options to share and both have a distinct flavour to them. The kibbeh are my personal favourite for their crunchy exterior encasing a mix of spiced lamb, tomato and onion. The ladies fingers are lighter in texture, with flaky pastry encasing soft halloumi.  You can’t go wrong with either of these two.

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For this wanting a vegetable injection, can confirm the Arnabeet ($13) which is roasted cauliflower topped with zaatar , sumac and tahini is delightful, who knew cauliflower could taste so good!

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Adding fried bread to a salad just seems so naughty to me, which is why it is always my go to salad. The Fattoush Salad ($14) consisting of lettuce, tomato, radish, shallots, pomegranate dressing and shreds of super crispy fried bread cuts some of the bolder flavours and compliments the heavier dishes well.
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Onto the more substantial offerings on the menu, we went for the Bekya Board ($30) which I think is great value for its serve of chicken, lamb and kafta skewers with dips and salad. The meat was perfectly tender and went well with the dips.
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A completely new dish for us all was the Egyptian Koshari ($15) which happens to be their signature dish. This was delicious.  A really homely dish consisting of rice, lentils, macaroni, chickpeas, crispy onions and spicy salsa is a generous serve and a combination of ingredients that works really well together. We were very impressed and recommend giving it a try.
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Bekya is an ideal option for those wanting to experience middle eastern cuisine in a relaxed setting. The pricing is very reasonable, service is friendly and the food is great for sharing.
Photos by Bianca
*For Foods Sake dined as guests of Bekya, all opinions are our own.




















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