Nelsons Nest, Annandale.

[invite] Bianca: Just a stone’s throw away from the Annandale hotel and Parrramatta rd, is Nelsons Nest. A cute, family run cafe serving good coffee and a menu with a slight Lebanese twist.

Off the bat, service was fantastic. Yes, it was an invitation but it made no difference, staff were jovial with everybody and it was evident there were a lot of repeat customers.

Our Soy Cappuccinos $3.5. Were perfectly balanced, not a drop of sugar was added.

I tend to shy away from Watermelon in juice but mother was adamant we get the Watermelon Juice -w/ Passion-fruit $7. Made fresh in-house, It is quite a small serve for $7, that would be my only comment.

First off the rank is the Where’s the Beet? $16. Essentially a jazzed up avocado on toast with cucumber, tomatoes and dottings of beetroot hummus. We were told this is a big seller in the cafe, I found it a little OTT with the cucumber for my tastes.

We both enjoyed the Fattoush Salad $18.50. With all the good stuff! Mainly that delicious crispy bread & feta.

A clever play on a poke bowl is the Beef Burrow -w/chilli soy beef, avo, shaved carrot, pickled cabbage, black sesame seeds, soy mirin sauce & brown rice $18. Very tasty! Tender, thin slices of beef with ALL the good stuff. I could easily eat the whole bowl and have ZERO guilt.

A good little sharing starter are the Sambousek Cigars $20. A crispy outer filo, filled with tasty beef mince.

With no real sweeties on the menu (a la french toast/ pancakes/ waffles). I enquired as to whether their Sweet Loaf $8 was made in house and was rewarded with a lovely fruit loaf topped with a cinnamon ricotta mix and fresh fruit.

It’s a cute little spot and the staff and food make it a great place to drop in for a bite or coffee!


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Nelsons’ Nest. 


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