Q Dining, Circular Quay.

[invite] Bianca: There’s a lot to like about the recently refurbished Q Dining at the Pullman Quay Grand. Hotel restaurants in Sydney are at the top of their game at the moment and Q Dining joins the ranks of some top quality offerings.

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Hacienda perched one floor above Q Dining has been one of our favourite bars in Sydney since they opened and the quality of the food, fit-out and abience carries through in the hotel’s flagship restaurant.

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Floor to ceiling windows showcases Sydney Harbour in its full glory, there are some rather unfortunate pillars in the way but not much can be done there.

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Joining me was honoury FFS member Felicitations. And thus began our leisurely Saturday lunch at Q Dining.

Starting with some delicious Bread & Butter Project Olive Bread with Butter $2.

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As well as a round of cocktails, The Passion Spritz $17 and Lychee Mojito $20 a little too easy to drink.

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Lucky for me Felicity doesn’t eat seafood. And I happily devoured the Roasted Mooloolaba king prawns, chilli & nori butter $18. Slightly sweet, plump prawns, that easily pulled away from the shell. The chilli was mild but still enough to give a slight kick.

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The Poached pears, lamb lettuce, blueberry, gorgonzola cream & candy beetroot crisps $23. I’m a little puzzled about the price and we both got a chuckle when the waitress explained that this was a vegetarian dish (for those expecting a big honking slab of lamb). The poached pears & gorgonzola smear were delicious but this was a little underwhelming.

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You absolutely have to order the 52 degree King Island tenderloin, chestnut mushroom, cashew nut espuma, shallot & aniseed jus $52. One of the most tender pieces of steaks I’ve ever had. A perfect medium rare!

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Mains were a real stand-out and giving the Tenderloin a strong run for its money. The Risotto lemon thyme, lime & langoustine & wildflowers $38. I had some reservations when I first ordered this dish but I’m very glad I did. I don’t order Risotto’s often but I’d happily return for this alone. The flavour was intense, strong citrus & parmesan notes. All tied together by the buttery Scampi.

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And just for the sake of carbs, the Duck fat Kipfler potatoes, rosemary $10. We easily polished these off, delicious. Q 13 (1 of 1)

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Equally tasty were the Heirloom carrots, maple, buckwheat $10.

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I pushed for one dessert but I caved to peer pressure. Do order the Textures of chocolate, feral plum, strawberry, eucalyptus oil & warm chocolate fudge $16. The standouts being the chocolate mousse and white chocolate. The fresh raspberry adding some tartness.

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A little less impressive was the Almond milk pannacotta, green ant meringue, pumpkin caramel, ginger cake, wild fennel $16. A little too muted in flavour, the only real flavour coming from the intense ginger cake.

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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Q Dining. 

Q Dining

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