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Bianca: I was never one of those lucky people that won prizes or competitions growing up but lo and behold I was the shiny winner of a shredded Lamb Jaffle from Sly on Devonshire Street, Surry Hills. Like most people I have a weakness for a good jaffle – a little grain bread, some oozy melted cheese and a not so respectable pat of butter.

Making the trip mid-week Alex and I rocked up to Sly to claim my edible prize. Perusing the menu, Sly offer a number of toasted Jaffles, open sandwiches and coffee from Roastworks in Artamon.

No decisions to be made on my end, my only job was to convince Alex to the porky dark side. Finally getting him to agree to the ‘Notorious P.I.G’ – I won’t lie, I was a little puzzled when this was brought to the table. I’ve seen numerous photos of this dish on other blogs and none were served like ours was. Making me think I had been brought the wrong thing. What was brought to the table were two plates, one with a single slice of lightly toasted bread and one which at first glance looked like a very strange soup. In the bowl were slices of smoky chorizo, pieces of slow cooked pulled pork, speck, tomato, zucchini and a perfectly poached egg.  We assembled our own Pork mountain on the plate, all the elements work well but I was left slightly disappointed.


My jaffle on the other hand – delicious.


I personally can’t say I’d be back in a hurry, the menu didn’t offer as much variety as I would like. I can be a difficult little cookie.

None the less, a thank you to Sly for the delicious Lamb Jaffle!




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    1. Agree Michael! While it was good, is it worth going back and spending $6+ on something that I can quite easily make at home for much cheaper…?

  1. I’ve had the Notorious PIG and it definitely didn’t look like that. I would have checked with waitstaff to make sure they hadn’t mixed up your order?

    1. They changed the way they served it because too many people didn’t like the bread getting soggy, as it was originally served underneath the ‘soup’.

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