Urban Tadka, Terrey Hills.

[invite] Bianca: My visit to Urban Tadka was long overdue. My love for Indian food was re-ignited this past year and after my visit it’s easy to see just how that 2019 Chef Hat was awarded.

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Nestled on the former National Geographic site, the restaurant is expansive. The large dining space can accommodate over 200 patrons and the waitstaff move like a well-oiled machine.

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Come 12:30pm on a Saturday, a mixed crowd quickly filled the dining space as we settled in for a leisurely lunch that I haven’t stopped raving about, jot this one down because it’s well worth the trip to Terrey Hills.

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We started with Papadums & Dips (tomato & onion, beetroot yoghurt & tomato salsa) $10.50. With a full meal to come, I tried to show some restraint but it was very difficult, these were delicious.

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Co-owner Inder showed us around the bar and set out to make us a few killer cocktails. Whipping up a ‘spiked’ Mango Lassi w/Baileys for Jules.

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My creation was a little more theatrical. A gin based cocktail infused with smoke (via woodchips).

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Touted as Indian fine dining, the portions straddle between petite to generous. Starting with the ALOO KI CHALU TIKKI – stuffed potato patties $13.90. These were unlike anything I have had before, I quite enjoyed the freshness of the mint & coriander chutney and the tartness of the tamarind. 

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Coming soon to the menu, Scallops, Lychee & Exotic Indian Spices. Hands down this was a resounding favourite from our meal, the sweet lychee was a most clever accompaniment to the caramelised plump scallop.

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Another interesting starter was the DONALLI SEEKH HAZAARVI – Chicken & Lamb Mince cooked on skewers $15.90. With strong notes of herbs and spices, this was an inventive way to showcase lamb & chicken, something I wouldn’t necessarily think to pair together. 

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Next up is another new addition to the menu. Cooked in the tandoor, succulent juicy chicken alongside caramelised corn.

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The MACHI KULAMBU NARIAL – Barramundi $29.90 probably wouldn’t have been my first pic but we were told it was one of the restaurants best sellers. Beautifully presented, the rich aromatic coconut milk sauce mixed with curry leaves, mustard seeds and fenugreek was a delight to mop up with the naan and roti but I find the barramundi a little too fishy for my liking. 

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Without question, you have to order the MURGH MUGHLAI – Butter Chicken $25.90. I won’t wax lyrical but this is worth the drive to Terrey Hills alone. 

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I was intrigued by the sound of KASHMIRI ZAFRANI PILLAU – sweet rice with fennel, dried fruit and nuts $13.50. Delicious in its own right, Inder was right saying it wouldn’t really pair well with our chosen curries (he also brought us plain Basmati Rice $2.5 pp). 

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You can’t go wrong with Naan!
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Or Wholemeal Roti

Stepping away from the alcoholic based drinks, Jules went for the Mango Lassi $6.

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And to finish, a Dessert board put together by Inder and the team.

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Our favourite being the delicious Gulab De Jamun, warm sweet semolina donuts, soaked in honey, sugar, rose and cardamom syrup.

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I’m already thinking about my next visit, Indian food at it’s finest.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Urban Tadka.





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