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Vanessa: Acre Eatery ranks high on my radar for a venue that encompasses not only a farm-to-table dining experience but a venue that is appealing to children. Having discovered this venue last year when Bianca and I came for our first visit, we were intriuged to return to check out the Italian Farmhouse transformation.

For six-weeks,  Acre is transforming its dining room into a Tuscan Farmhouse taking diners on a culinary journey through Italy’s northern and southern regions. We arrived to experience the Sicilian breakfast on possibly one of the windiest Saturday’s this month! We were seated outside on the terrace (as the dining room opens at midday) but were comforted by the warmth of the heaters, so don’t let it deter you.

As we settled in, I sat back and once again admired the setting that really is a little farm-like oasis in the middle of urban density.

Our Italian breakfast was presented to us and we naturally had ordered a good portion of the menu to get a feel for the entire experience! The menu offers both savory and sweet options and there a few dishes that were a stand out for us.

The Sicilian breakfast ($21) comes with a sweetened coffee, black pig ham, fried egg, caponata, focaccia, fresh fruits and brioche loaded with jam and custard – this dish provides a touch of both sweet and savory which is an ideal breakfast choice for me.

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The menu has a few different options of seasonal bruschetta with our favourite being the tomato, caramelised onion and fresh prosciutto.

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The bruschetta with avocado and feta is more of your standard breakfast item and not distinctly Italian.

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The Italian breakfast brioche with pancetta, egg, Fontina and caponata($17) is a substantial choice and it’s a step above your average bacon & egg roll

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The polenta porrdige with dried figs, honey and toasted pistachio ($15) is quite sweet but is a comforting winter breakfast.

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The pastry selection ($10) of sweet brioche and Sicilian cannoli ($10) is an indulgent and sweet choice. The canolli shell was crunchy with a filling of sweet ricotta with citrus tones

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The Sicilian breakfast has something for everyone including an under 12 menu. The Farm House Transformation will run until the 18th August 2019 offering a different menu at lunch in the dining room. If you haven’t been to Acre Eatery, I suggest you do. It’s a great place to dine with children in tow and take a little break from the hustle and bustle whilst still being right in the city!

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*For Foods Sake dined as guests of Acre Eatery, all opinions however are our own

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