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Alex: About a month ago I was traipsing around Europe and I noticed back home in Sydney, a ridiculous trend of monstrous milkshakes bombarding our insta feed @4foodssake. Yes, I’m talking about those ‘Tella Ball Shakes’ and the ones from Patissez in Canberra. Not to mention my favourite twist on the shakes from  Alana Dimou’s three milkshake extravaganza photo shoot (which you can find here)

But when I returned did I actually make an effort to go try any? Nay, until about a week ago when we were asked to try the menu at XS Espresso in Wetherill Park. First of all, as we were driving to the cafe we were seriously confused as to it’s location, we found ourselves walking around a giant shopping car park district for a little bit until we noticed a swarm of people waiting for a table at…you guessed it, XS.

Obvs, we ordered three milkshakes for the three of us. Completely unnecessary as I now look back on it.

Number 1 being the winner. The XS Suprise. A ridiculous concoction of kinder suprise, a cloud of fairy floss, hundreds and thousands, white chocolate, and crunchie. Pretty sure the song with the line “drop it to the floor make her ass shake” was playing as I embarrassingly attempted to try and somehow eat(?) this. Out of the three that we ordered this was the least heavy and that’s saying something because this was heavy as sh*t. Still nice though. 🙂


The second of the three was the Cronut topped chocolate shake. Nice flavour, bit too rich for my liking but I definitely appreciate the effort!




The Volcano shake was the third of our shakes. Yes that is a soufflé on top of this milkshake. We took a few sips but it was just too rich and heavy to finish. This had a similar taste to the second shake we ordered. _MG_2928

Bianc obviously ordered the burger. A chicken burger with bacon and cheese sans rocket. Unfortunately the burger lacked any substance. Not nearly enough chicken, no melting cheese, a small slither of bacon and the rocket definitely wouldn’t have helped the situation. She requested I put in a pickle score for the FBAS crew – a 1.9/5 pickles._MG_2939


I ordered the poached eggs with avocado and prosciutto on sourdough bread and I have to say I definitely got the winner of the day. The eggs were cooked superbly, loved the addition of the fresh cherry tomatoes and the added addition of the pesto was a welcome one. Making for a light and fresh start to the morning. Well, minus the 6000 calorie milkshakes. _MG_2961 Vanessa ordered the chicken salad (to the right of the image). The chicken was well marinated and you could really taste the lime juice with a slight kick of chilly. There was a single rasher of bacon but I think it would’ve been better if it was crispy shards of bacon.

Overall XS obviously offers a great take on the craze of the milkshakes. The atmosphere was fun with great music playing. Myself and Ness actually agreed that we felt as though we were at a day bar in Mykonos with the type of music and interior of the cafe. Also special thanks to our lovely waitress Rosa for taking care of us!

Until next time!


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of XS Espresso and Claire from CPM Online Marketing. All opinions however are our own and independent. 
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