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Bianca: I am a little late to the party in regards to my new found obsession with Japanese food, namely, sushi. These days it’s a craving I can’t satiate, as I’m constantly on the hunt for my next sushi fix. Komatsu is relatively new in Concord, residing in a former fish come souva shop. The space is small and intimate but undoubtedly the most coveted seats are at the Sushi bar.

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I won’t pretend I have a vast knowledge of the culture or the cuisine and my spot at the sushi bar, eating in front of old mate was fairly nerve wracking. The menu is expansive and felt it needed some proper love, so this post is a culmination of a few visits.

Our first visit was more of a proper catch up with some F45 peeps, so the food wasn’t the main focus, hence the rather quick iPhone snaps. We were all pretty wrecked AND hungry after our class so dove in with a serving of Edamame $7 and Gyoza $10 easily one of the most impressive and tastiest gyozas I’ve had in Sydney, the pork filling juicy and bursting full of flavour. I loved the crispy pastry forming a ‘mega’ gyoza, which you then break up into individual parcels. I’ve gotten them most times I’ve returned, they’re a stand-out!

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The Regular Sashimi (14pcs) $30.50 was presented on ice with the usual favourites. Sashimi isn’t really my first go-to but I am partial to Salmon, kingfish & tuna. My favourite was the salmon.

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We were all craving carbs and made a good dent in the sushi roll menu. First up was the Teriyaki Chicken (5pcs) $7.50. The first thing I generally notice with a good hand roll is just how tightly they’re bound. Holding their shape during the ‘dunk’ into my soy/wasabi concoction (heathen) to my mouth. They all held together well. Tender pieces of marinated chicken and an equal distribution of ingredients.

Salmon & Avocado (5pcs) $8 is a classic and usually my go to. With generous pieces of tender salmon.

Our next choice can be somewhat hit and miss if you’ve had a bad one you’ll know exactly what we mean. The Spider Roll (5pcs) $8.90 was a stand-out. Plump soft shell crab, made better by the symphony of the texture of the tempura batter with the creamy avocado & spicy mayo.

And finally, what we thought was going to be our last dish, the Tempura Prawn (5pcs) $8.0. I can never go past a tempura prawn sushi, I have a weakness for all the fried things!

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Alas, we were still hungry and opted for another two sushi rolls. The Chicken Katsu (5pcs) $8.0. Which quickly became another favourite. You need only to look at the quality of the chicken and the batter. So precise for a little piece of sushi.

And finally, the Spicy Tuna (5pcs) $8.90. The Spicy tuna definitely won the award for packing the biggest punch, with chilli powder, chilli sauce & a further dusting of chilli powder to adorn the sushi roll. All in all, top quality sushi. I’m not the biggest fan of the toasted sesame & nigella seeds but that’s because I’m vain and don’t want to worry about them getting caught in the chompers.

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I returned the second time in a more civilised fashion, reserving two spots at the sushi bar. But completely miss ordered by only getting one sushi dish, therefore losing out on the entertainment factor. We had a dessert date with friends afterwards so didn’t go too overboard with the food. Starting with the Small Nigiri (8pcs) $22.50. It was particularly impressive watching him work, masterfully slicing and rolling each nigiri. He instructed us on the correct order to eat each piece, finishing at the very end with the frittata-like egg cubes. My partner immediately tried to start with the egg frittata and the sushi chef practically leapt over the bench to stop him #amateurhour.

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Jules went for something a little healthier with the Chicken Teriyaki –w/thigh fillet, vegetables & grilled sweet potato $16.50. Probably wouldn’t have been my first pick but the thigh was flavourful and juicy. There was gentle sweetness from the more caramelised areas. The crispy sweet potato ribbons were an interesting touch.

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And for me, the Karaage Yaki Soba –w/ deep fried marinated chicken, stir fry vegetables, egg noodles w/Komatsu sauce $15.90. Generous pieces of crispy chicken thigh, the Komatsu sauce was a deeper soy base. The egg noodles retaining some bite. The spring onions giving some freshness. I don’t really care for the flavour of bonito flakes but I did enjoy watching them react to the heat from the noodles.

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Returning for the third time in the span of a few weeks, it was quickly becoming obvious that I’ve found my new favourite Japanese joint. The low-key piano muzak, however… high anxiety!

Sushi was the main order of the evening. Going again for the Spicy TunaSpider Roll $8.90. 

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I’ll happily stick my neck on the line and praise the Chicken Katsu Don – w/Chicken thigh fillet, vegetables, homemade donburi sauce w/ egg on rice $17.90. The katsu was out of this world, a discernible crunch with each and every bite. The crumb was stellar and not oily in the slightest. Pickled radish was spot on to combat the richness.

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I seem to have always blanked on the Nasu Age Denkaku – deep fried eggplant w/sweet miso $10 but not my last visit! Buttery and melting in the mouth, with an almost bruleed top.

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Who can pass up anything deep fried? The Assorted Vegetable Tempura (7pcs) $13.50  were a mix of thin pumpkin slices, eggplant and purple sweet potato. A light as air outer batter, giving way to an ear crackling shatter with each bite. An accompanying light soy adding some interest with each bite.

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And for good measure, my favourite Spicy Tuna and Tempura Prawn.

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I honestly cannot rave about Komatsu enough, I’m just super glad they’re local.


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