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[invite] Bianca: My pancake quest has me travelling far and wide these days, which is how Team FFS found ourselves at Degani Zetland. Prior to our visit, I hadn’t really explored the East Village Shopping Centre, I immediately zeroed in on Bowan Island Bakery and made a mental note to return post-brunch for ‘all the breads’.

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With new recruit Vincenz onboard we settled in, ordered a round of coffees whilst perusing the menu. As well as our usual coffees, staff were eager for us to try the Red Velvet Latte & Matcha Latte. Essentially a drinkable dangerous concoction that tasted exactly like the cake. For those that like more of a potent Matcha flavouring, you’ll enjoy the latte, I found it a little too strong for my tastes.

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The menu is expansive, as they cover breakfast, brunch, lunch, tapas in the afternoon and a dinner trade. I was leaning more towards the breakfast side of things but they were keen for us to sample one of the towers.

For the avocado crowd, the Smashed Avocado $16.90 should satisfy all your cravings. Eggs were poached perfectly and the feta added a welcoming creaminess.

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The Spanish Omelette -w/ chorizo, kipfler potatoes, mushrooms, tomato, capsicum, thyme & onion $17.90 is a hearty dish that got the tick of approval from the gang.

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And my main drawcard, the Pancake Stack -w/maple syrup, citrus mascarpone & seasonal fruit $16.90. Light and fluffy pancakes (great foundation) I really enjoyed the citrus mascarpone, with little chunks of candied lemon pieces. My only feedback would be they were a little on the dry side, we asked for extra maple syrup on the side because we felt it needed it.

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And the behemoth meat tower, the Butchers BBQ Tower for 2 $90. Now I don’t know what kind of cavemen are roaming around the perfectly manicured streets of Zetland but this could easily feed a table of 4 hungry girls. With half a BBQ chicken, half rack pork, beef & lamb ribs, chorizo sausage, steakhouse chips and a Meditteranean salad. It was quite the intimidating sight when it hit the table, we struggled to make a dent in the tower so I ended up taking the majority home for dinner that evening. Our favourites were the BBQ chicken, super moist and juicy. The Pork & Lamb ribs, which easily fell away from the bone. Chips and salad are definitely a necessity to cut through all the rich meat but placing the chips under the saucy ribs meant they got soggy quickly, we probably would have liked a bigger serve as well. The salad was neither here nor there for us, we felt they could have jazzed it up a bit more.

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As a local cafe, they have all your typical favourites and the was tasty.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Degani Zetland. 

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