8bit Burgers, Steam Mill Lane – Sydney.

Bianca: We had our first experience with 8bit burgers back in 2015, during our very first  2015 Melbourne Burger crawl . Fast forward 3 years and they’ve now migrated north of the border. In Sydney’s newest dining precinct, Steam Mill Lane, formerly the Sydney Entertainment Centre… the bad concerts, the McDonalds…

8bit 1-1

They were stop 5 of 8 on our burger crawl so I don’t really feel we were truly able to appreciate everything that is 8bit. Fit-out and branding at their ‘World 4’ Sydney store is on par with their Melbourne outlets, harkening back to old school video games, with two arcade machines lining the back far wall.

Going against my better (sane) judgement I just had to try the Peanut Butter Milkshake $8. Super decadent, rich and thick, the way a good milkshake should be.

8bit 2-1

I’d be pretty confident to recommend the hotdogs to Papa Squads (he had a hotdog chain back in the 80’s). The Wonderboy -Smoked Frank, bacon, grilled onions, cheese sauce, BBQ sauce & spring onions $9.50 having ALL the good stuff! Hotdogs are really about two things for me, the dog and the bun. Both nailed perfectly here, a great snap to the hotdog, good texture and a subtle smokiness. The bun nice and squishy.

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I seemed to fall into the same trap back on our burger crawl. Ordering the Double Dragon -double beef, double cheese, double bacon, pickles, mustard, lettuce, ketchup & 8bit sauce $15.50. The patties seemed a lot thicker than I remembered, so perhaps my bad for ordering. Had it been a single patty the ratio’s would have been more to my liking, so my fault there. Good loose texture to the patty, a juicy medium rare with a nice bit of pink.

8bit 7-1

8bit 9-1

The Golden Axe – w/fried chicken, cheese, sriracha mayo & slaw $13 ratios of ingredients were pretty good, the fried chicken was an interesting one. Not quite KFC crispy coating-esque, it seemed more like a thin batter (still tasty) but lacking that extreme crispiness. The chicken was juicy, we liked the slight kick of the sriracha mayo but perhaps a little too OTT with the slaw.

8bit 6-1

8bit 10-1

Loaded Potato Gems -w/chilli beef, cheese sauce, bacon, pickles, relish, grilled onions, jalapenos, salsa & spring onions $10.50 should be mandatory! Gems and waffles fries are still the Lamborghini of fries for me, pile on all the good stuff, what’s not to like?

8bit 8-1

Pretty happy to have 8bit in Sydney!



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