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Bianca: Ahh San Fran, how I love you! Opening mid-2017 is one of San Francisco’s trendiest boutique hotels, San Francisco Proper Hotel.  For Aussie readers, think ‘QT’ hotel chain, it’s quirky, fun with a WHOLE lot of attitude. We were here to try Villon, the hotels contemporary modern American restaurant, showcasing seasonal ingredients.

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Palace of Fine Arts

San Francisco as a whole has definitely gotten a whole lot shadier than I remember, It’s not to say I felt unsafe walking the streets but there are areas that I’d recommend walking ‘quickly’ through. It was fairly surreal walking along Market Street, lined with dozens of homeless people and then sauntering into the luxurious hotel lobby. No fault of the hotel of course but an observation none the less…

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Villon boasts a fairly succinct breakfast offering. I zeroed in on a number of options fairly quickly. Coffee’s first thing in the morning is a no-brainer, the Americans still have a ways to go regarding their ‘coffee’ but they’re on the up and up. Our Non-fat Cortado’s $5 were well balanced (essentially a piccolo for those back home).

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I couldn’t not pay homage to my roots with the Avocado Toast – w/ sourdough, cultured butter & poached egg $15. + Crispy Potatoes $7 + Millionaire Bacon $7. Well seasoned with that gloriously poached yolk tying it all together. I say spring for the sides. The hashbrown on the side was revelatory and the Millionaire bacon was amaze!

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The Villon Breakfast -w/ Two eggs (your style), Chicken apple sausage, pork belly, sourdough toast, crispy potatoes & grilled squash $19 has all the favourites. Perfectly poached eggs, the sausage very tasty with a loose grind. The squash was a bit random but perhaps there to hit the ‘vegetable quota’?

Villon 8

And lastly, the Ricotta Pancakes -w/ Pinenuts, raspberry & creme fraiche $15. Light and airy, not overly sweet with the ricotta adding bursts of creaminess. I’ve never really encountered pinenuts in a sweet dish and they worked surprisingly well. The raspberry & creme fraiche adding a sharp zingy element.

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Villon 14

I really had to stop myself from ordering the French Toast. We both really enjoyed the food at Villon and would make it a point to look at booking a room at the Proper Hotel if you’re thinking of heading to San Francisco!

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