Nakano Darling, Steam Mill Lane

Bianca: Step into Nakano Darling and you’ll be remiss to think you’ve stepped into an off the beaten track izakaya in Japan.

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From the Yakitori Yurippi team in Crows Nest, Nakano Darling focuses on house-made gyoza (a surprisingly rare thing to come across in Sydney) and karaage.

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Pull up a chair at the bar and knock back a few Japanese highball cocktails!

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Jules and I both opted for a highball. Because for relaxing times… make it Suntory time!

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Ginger & Coke Highballs $12 packed quite the punch

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If you’re feeling adventurous there are some secret items on the menu, you will specifically have to ask as they are written in Japanese on the back of the menu.

I’m probably not the target market for the Shimesaba – cured Mackarel but Jules happily tucked in. Nakano 8 (1 of 1)

There’s a reason why Chicken Karaage is such treasured Japanese snack and commonly found in many Japanese izakayas. It’s juicy, it’s crispy and you’ll probably be ordering a few rounds (also now available for take-away).

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Much like the Karaage, one serve of Gyoza probably won’t be enough. There are two options available Pork and Vegetarian. I will say I was surprised to learn that a majority of gyoza served in restaurants were frozen (perhaps my naivete) I assumed they were made fresh…

All the gyozas are hand made, a recipe passed down by one of staffs family members. And you will be happy to know you can now purchase the Gyoza frozen to cook at home.

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The Corn Butter Cheese, it’s literal translation is sweet, salty and very very cheesy. You’ll want to shotgun those prized pieces that have become caramelised from the fiery skillet.

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It’s quaint, it’s cool, it’s funky and the prices are very reasonable. There are currently seating restrictions in place so definitely book ahead or support them on DoorDash, Easi and UberEats.


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