The Bunker Cafe, Leura.

Bianca: I always love exploring my own backyard (not literally, I live in an apartment….) and one of my favourite places to visit is The Blue Mountains. A multitude of overseas relo’s meant I spent most of my childhood dancing with death on the Scenic Railway. Having explored most of the traditional tourist attractions it’s mostly about the bush walks, fancy stays and cafes!

The Bunker Cafe in Leura definitely has a monopoly on some of the best views in the Blue Mountains. With another location in Springwood, Bunker Cafe offers your typical cafe fare during the day whilst offering a fairly substantial dinner menu. Staff were particularly jovial and friendly, always a plus. We visited earlier this year pre COVID-19.

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My Soy Capp $4.5 (Vittoria) ticked most of the boxes but I did need to add a little sucre to cut through the bitterness.

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Jules went for something a little more substantial with the Bunker Breakfast $22.50. All the big brekky staples, the eggs were poached perfectly and the sausages tasty (I always find big brekky sausages hit & miss).

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Of course I was going to order the pancakes. Buttermilk Pancakes -+ Willi Willi Creek streaky bacon $24.50. First up, they ain’t cheap. These are Sydney prices! I don’t really get rhubarb and I’d prefer them NOT in my pancakes BUT everything else about this dish was delicious. The pancakes were fluffy, the bacon crispy, I really enjoyed the whipped mascarpone. But points off for the lack of maple syrup, I had to ask for a wee little pot. Still, some of the tastiest pancakes I’ve come across in the Mountains.

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The Bunker Leura

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  1. This is the best pancake eveeerrrrrrrrr. Iโ€™ve literally made this 5x in the past 2 months and itโ€™s always a hit guys. Thanks for sharing amazing information.

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