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Vanessa: Thai food has always ranked high on my list of preferred cuisines with its diverse mix of dishes and flavors.  We recently had the opportunity to road test P’Nut Street Noodles who are nuts about taste with their new menu launch!  The menu is vast and showcases fresh sauces made from scratch and guarantees authentic, consistent flavors.

The ethos at P’Nut Street Noodles is to transport diners to a street-side food stall in Thailand without having to leave the country and we were certainly treated to some inventive Thai cuisine.

We chose a range of options from their sides menu all well priced at $5.95 each.  The Chicken spring rolls were plump and crispy and the spicy chicken dumplings were robust in flavor but mild enough for even a chili fearer like me to enjoy!

Chicken Spring Rolls with Sweet Plum Sauce

Spicy chicken dumplings

The steamed vegetable dumplings were a favorite of mine as they had a very rich flavor  with a spicy sichuan sauce.

Steamed Vegetable Dumplings

The popcorn chicken with sriracha sauce was crispy, salty and extremely moreish. Definitely a crowd pleaser.

Popcorn Chicken with Sriracha

There were some real stand outs for me on the street food menu.  In the noodle department The Terriyaki Noodles were a hit with the flavors of sweet teriyaki sauce, ginger, mirin wine infused into the egg noodles.

Terriyaki Noodles with Tofu

Grandma’s Drunken Noodles ticks all the boxes for the Chili lovers with strong chili paste and Thai basil smothering the hokkien noodles. I couldn’t get past one bite as my palette is not equipped for that level of heat but the husband was very happy with this one!

Grandma’s Drunken Noodles

A recent addition to the new menu is the lunch time specials. These are really cost effective yet substantial serves that allows you to get a bit creative with your dish.  All the authentic sauce bases used are made from scratch and make for a tasty, nourishing dish.  We opted to try the Peanut Flutter served with Jasimine Rice and added Chicken as our Protein.  The chicken was sweet and succulent and the peanut sauce was bold. Definitely a good option for lunch in a rush that is kind to your wallet!

The lunch specials are available Monday-Friday from 11:30am-3pm.

Peanut Flutter with Jasmin Rice and Chicken

Any of the dishes can be well complimented with soft, flaky Roti Canai with satay sauce. This is particularly good for mopping up any excess sauce!

Roti Canai with Satay Sauce

The Thai Fried rice is a classic choice with and definitely transports you to the hawker stands of Thailand. The rice has been tossed with chilli paste and Thai basil then loaded with vegetables and your choice of protein.

Thai Fried Rice

The laksa is again well priced at $13.95 and a classic Malaysian style coconut curry based soup. It is loaded with vermicelli noodles and bean sprouts. The only let down on this dish was the tofu was rather bland and provided very little substance in terms of flavor.

It’s fair to say we ate our share and much more but we weren’t leaving without trying some of their desserts.

The Nutella spring roll is a must try. The pastry is crispy and flaky with gooey, warm nutella ozzing in the center. A clever way of serving a chocolate classic. $3.50 each but I dare say one won’t be enough!

 Nutella Spring Rolls

The Cadbury molten chocolate cake is an individual serve of soft chocolate sponge with gooey Cadbury chocolate oozing from the center. A hit for any Chocolate lover.

There is definitely something for everyone’s taste, preference and budget at P’Nut Street Noodles.  The lunch specials offer great variety at an affordable price and the entire menu is reflective of authentic Thai cuisine.  With several locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast, be sure to stop by one near you!

*For Foods Sake dined as guests of P’Nut Street Noodles 

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