Brunching in Port Stephens

Bianca: With a baby incoming and COVID turning the world into a literal horror film, the husband and I thought we would treat ourselves to a week away in Port Stephens. A short 2 hour and 30-minute car ride from Sydney. 

Our home away from home was a 1 bedroom swim-out apartment at Oaks Pacific Blue Port Stephens. I quite liked the idea of flopping my pregnant self into the pool from the swim out deck like a sizeable seal…suffice to say the idea was nice but I didn’t use the pool once. But it was purdy to look at. 

Most of our meals geared towards breakfast/brunch as I progressed further into my pregnancy I really didn’t like going anywhere! We did have a stunning meal at The Poyers which I will write about separately. 

Our first spot of breakfast was at the popular cafe, The Little Nel. Expect a wait for a table if you visit during peak times. Julian went for the Sambal Chilli Scrambled Eggs $20 + a side of Hash Browns $4 (my new obsession). He also thoroughly enjoyed his Iced Chai $5, which he later majorly regretted…

I opted for the Little Nel Breakfast Burrito $20 + a side of Hash Browns $4. I enjoyed the inclusion of the crispy bacon bits but this lacked some punch and seasoning. 

Another popular spot with locals and tourists alike, In House Kitchen. They can be found attached to The Home Interior, a tres cute home decor boutique.

Pretty as a picture, Eggs Benny w/ Chorizo, hollandaise on brioche $23. Which got a big thumbs up from Julian.

The Staple was more up my alley, switching to scrambled eggs, crispy bacon, tomato relish, avocado, Two Bob’s Sourdough $22 + a side of Hash Browns $4 (one of which was liberated by my husband…). Solid choice with the addition of the tomato relish, elevating perhaps a stock standard cafe dish.

For those wanting easy access to the beach, you will love Longboat Cafe in Fingal Bay. Which fronts on to Fingal Beach. We tried to tie a visit to the beach but there were shark warnings and we didn’t want to tempt fate.

Julian went for the Eggs Benedict  -w/Bacon  $21+ Halloumi $5. A generous side serve of halloumi, we only wish there was more caramelisation on the outside. 

I’ve mostly avoided sweets during the pregnancy but couldn’t look past the Buttermilk Pancakes -w/ raspberry cream & sweet dukkah. A generous serve, the pancakes were nice and fluffy but these really should come with a pot of maple syrup on the side as they were bone dry! 

And our final meal to say farewell to Port Stephens, Crest Birubi Beach in Anna Bay. A gorgeous spot overlooking Birubi Beach/ Stockton Beach. It was overcast and rainy during our visit but the alfresco dining area would be perfect for soaking up a sunny day come Summer. 

To fuel up for the trip back to Sydney we had a breakfast for champions. Julian going for the Crest Big Breakfast $21 + Halloumi $4

My eternal battle of Pancakes vs savoury ultimately led to my behemoth Smashed Avocado -w/ a side of halloumi & bacon (which doesn’t appear to be on the menu any longer). A super generous portion of bacon on the side. It’s a great spot overlooking the beach and would make for a perfect lunch pre or post-swim when the sun’s out! 



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