Berowra Waters Inn, Berowra Waters.

Vanessa:  Waterfront dining on a Friday afternoon is nothing to be sniffed at, particularly when the location is the idyllic Berowra Waters Inn.  Having been on the list to try for many years, we were delighted to accept an invitation to experience the venue and modern Australian menu the restaurant is well-known for.  With a glimmer in my eye I bid adieu to Baby V, whom I left in the care of his grandmother, whilst I set off to meet Bianca for our highly anticipated luncheon.

We redezvoued at the designated wharf, we eagerly awaited our boat transfer whilst taking in the beautiful bushland surroundings.  The Inn is located on the Berowra Creek, a tributary of the Hawkesbury River and is only accessible by boat.  The inn operates a private boat service that ferries guests to and from the venue at no additional charge.  The charismatic “captain” is cheerful and sets a great tone for the experience to be had.

We arrive after the short transfer across at the entrance to the Inn which is a beautiful sandstone building with a grand wooden door. Making our way up to the restaurant level, the layout has been placed so that guests face the water with an uninterrupted view. As we made our way the table which was minimally set with modern tableware and a crisp white table-cloth, I hoped other guests would not be turned off with photography as it would be constant!

The service is polished and friendly with the appropriate spacing between visits to the table. The dining room is light and airy with a view to the kitchen pass, but all tables are positioned so guests can maximise their gaze at the water.

The inn offers guests a choice of 3, 6 or 9 courses that can be had with or without matching wines.  We opted for the 6 courses and a glass of rose each.  The owners of the Inn made the decision to serve only Australian made wines and alcohol which is largely sourced from the Yarra Valley. We sipped on a delightfully crisp glass of Spinifex rose as we awaited our first course.

We were delighted when the waiter came out with warm bread, treacle butter and an amuse bouche that was akin to a prawn cracker but served in a much-sophisticated way.  When asked whether we would like seconds on the bread, there was no hesitation. The butter was particularly unique, salty but also slightly sweet.

The first of our six courses arrived and we were both instantly impressed by the precision of the plating. The snapper, cucumber and nashi were delicately plated with paper-thin shavings of each element. We absolutely loved this course for its light, refreshing flavour and the combination of ingredients that worked so well together.

The second course of trout, crab & daikon was less palatable for both of us. The presentation was impressive, particularly served in that gorgeous bowl – side note, it’s a crockery lovers heaven with every dish that comes out!. However, the trout was a little too strong in flavour and the crab added an overwhelming fishiness to the dish, in our opinion.


Course three arrives and it’s a serve of pork, coconut and pear. The pork is succulent with a slightly crisp skin and the combination of cononut and pear creates a curry-like flavor with a deconstructed texture. It’s an interesting combination, not something I would have thought to pair, but it really works

Course four is beef with leek and watercress. The portion is served medium rare and is  very tender. The leek is beautifully presented alongside the beef and adds a sweet touch to the dish.

A welcomed palate cleanser arrives. A cucumber granita with lime foam hits the spot and prepares you the final two courses.

Course five had some mixed reviews amongst us. The peach served with fennel and lavender is a unique combination of flavor and texture.  Strong herbaceous tones overpower the dish, which for me distracted from the sweetness of the peach. It grew on me, but wasn’t one of my favourite courses.

Our final course and probably the one that was the most striking visually is the chocolate, hazelnut and pepperberry. This is a beautifully crafted dessert and the texture is smooth, creamy with the right level of sweetness.  A wonderful end to our meal at the Inn.

Just as we were preparing our legs to stand after being seated for three hours, we were bought a final dish of home-made scones with marmalade and burnt cream. These were delicious but we were reaching such a level of fullness that we were unable to fully appreciate them.

With that we made our way back to the boat transfer and were promptly returned to the other side of the river.  The Inn is truly a beautiful location with a carefully thought-out menu that lends its self to a special occasion or just a “treat yourself” meal.
The experience from start to finish is executed with precision and no doubt leaves guests as impressed as we were.  If you are looking to spoil someone (or yourself) it’s a memorable experience and my advise would be to book for lunch to take advantage of the views.




Photos by Bianca

*For Food’s Sake dined as a guest of Berowra Waters Inn, all opinions are our own.

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