Burger Point, Wentworth Point.

owBianca: Ahh, back to my first true love. Burgers! A wedding and a severe pancake tangent saw the abandonment of my burger love for a little while. But, it’s always there in the background and now with the opening of Burger Point Wentworth Point literally a block away from my apartment it’s made life a little easier…

They exploded back in early 2018 after sister in law, Kats @lickyourphone melted cheese video went VIRAL! My FBAS admin days kinda internally shied away from the intense, artery-blocking burgers (I’m more of a simple cheeseburger / Fried Chicken gal myself).

Across several visits, I made a sizeable dent in the menu. The Mad Chook -w/ Southern Spiced Fried Chicken, lettuce, BP house slaw (swapped for lettuce), jalapeno aioli $13. As far as chicken burgers go, this was pretty good. Super moist & juicy thigh meat encased by a crispy outer batter. Big tick for the cheese melt, something that is quite rare in a fried chicken burger. I find coleslaw odious on burgers and always swap it out for lettuce, so that would be my suggestion here. I just find it turn the burger into a sopping mess.

Future Jr burger taster Alessia.

For your classic beef burger, the Boss -w/ beef, lettuce, onion, cheese, caramelised beet relish & boss mayo $13 is the way to go. I applaud the crew for asking how we wanted the burger cooked, it came out a juicy medium with some slight pinkage in the centre.

Alessia approves!!!

Returning with the husband, and shit was about to get very very real. The Old School -w/ gherkins, boss mayo & ketchup $11 + Marvin Glaze Bun Upgrade $4. I nixed the lettuce & tomato (because it has no place on a burger…). So the bun, it’s extreme, yes and VERY impractical to eat. Delicious caramelisation on the beef, cooked and seasoned well. Great ratio of sauces and whilst OTT, the bun was pretty delicious.

Jules wasn’t feeling particularly crash-hot after indulging in the Big Boss -w/ double beef, double maple glazed bacon, double American cheese, BP sauce & house pickles $18. This was an intense behemoth of a burger.

The Smash Bros – w/ Smashed Angus patty, American cheese, Panko crumbed stuffed cheese mushroom,┬áMaple bacon, Smashed avocado and Special sauce. I do enjoy a good mushroom burger every now and then but I think there was perhaps just a bit too much going on here. That crumbed mushroom patty on it’s own though… solid vego option right there!


I had been working my way up to the infamous cheese dip. The Old School (with lettuce) $11 + Cheese dip $5. I really wanted to love it more than I did, the novelty factor of the cheese dip is fun but flavourwise it didn’t really hit the mark for me.


A pretty darn good reliable option for a burg in Wentworth Point


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