Hearth & Soul, Newtown.

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[invite] Bianca: Newtown’s best-kept secret? I’m thinking yes! Hearth & Soul, the brainchild of the incredibly lovely and effervescent Rachel Jelley.

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Walking into Hearth & Soul feels like you’re stepping into somebodies home. From the decor to the service, right down to the food.

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You could easily spend 20 minutes walking around the entire space, finding beautiful little touches in every corner.

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With three dining areas, a communal feasting area, the cosy lounge area and for some of the best seats in the house ‘ala Freds‘ perch at the kitchen counter.

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The menu centres around natural food and conscious dining. With an emphasis on seasonal and local produce. With gal pal Felicitations in tow, we settled in for a delicious brunch.

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It’s always cocktail time somewhere and the CRIMSON SNOW APPLE AND WILD ORANGE MIMOSA $13 ticked all the boxes. The Vedova Osolo prosecco adding some wonderful floral notes.

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Starting with the FARINATA WITH LOCAL MUSHROOMS AND FRESH CURD $24. A thick chickpea flour pancake originating from Italy. The flavour and texture was very similar to that of polenta. Topped with thick juicy mushrooms and generous dollops of goats curd.

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Next was the OEUFS EN COCOTTE WITH CURED PORK AND CHIVES $24. A sinfully delightful combination of baked eggs, cream, parmesan and thin slices of capocollo (similar in flavour to prosciutto). We gleefully mopped up all the sauce with the housemade sourdough, of which I’ll mention was DIVINE!

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Some may question my choice of the SLOW-BRAISED LAMB SHOULDER WITH ROSEMARY, THYME, BAY AND BARLEY $30 at 10:30am. Slow-cooked for hours, the lamb was melt in the mouth tender. This dish was pretty as a picture when it hit the table, I quite enjoyed the nuttiness of the barley.

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GREEN GARLIC CREAM SAUCE $27. I was tempting fate with all the creamy options but this really is a must-order. Plump, pillowy gnocchi (nonna would have been impressed). I would never think to cook broad been shoots but they were delicious, having a mild broad bean flavour.

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I did have my eye on the Spiced Sticky Date Pudding but I just simply couldn’t activate that pesky second dessert stomach.

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Hearth & Soul really is such a true gem in the middle of Sydney suburbia!

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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Hearth & Soul. 


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