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[invite] Bianca: Opening in early 2019 Employee’s Only have quickly garnered quite the loyal Sydney following. The origins of EO lead all the way to New York back in 2004, it’s highly regarded as one of the best cocktail bars in the world. I haven’t been to the original so I really had nothing to compare it to.

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Step down the stairs and you’ll be greeted with a warm, dimly lit dining area and bar.

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Joining me on my mid-week adventure, Steph. After a round of drinks, we got started on the food menu.

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The Charcuterie selection -w/ chicken liver parfait, pickles, sourdough & olives $48. With velvety prosciutto and a fiery salami ticks all the boxes.

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You MUST order the Seared Scallops -w/watermelon, tomato, mint & balsamic $27. I have a new appreciation for seafood after starting my new job and there was no denying the quality of the scallops and how well they were cooked. Genius paired with sweet watermelon and the sharpness from the balsamic.

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A little less successful was the Grilled Swordfish -w/ confit tomato, olives, beans, potatoes, spinach & salsa verde $33. This came highly recommended from the waitress and whilst it wouldn’t have been my first choice we gave it a try. This was let down due to execution, the swordfish was incredibly undercooked, so what should have been a beautifully tender piece of fish, was tough and honestly, in-edible. Feedback we later passed on to the waitress as she cleared our plates.

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For the serious carnivores, you will be pleased with the 500g Yearling Ribeye on the bone-w/ potato gratin & Redwine jus $62. The ribeye was cooked beautifully, I will say the potato gratin was perhaps a touch underseasoned.

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But alas, all rectified by these bomb Fries -w/ chilli salt & rosemary aioli $10.

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Too full for dessert but pencilled in for future fancois cocktail dates with the girls.



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