Alder Inn, Wentworth Point.

[invite] Bianca: I watched eagerly last year as Alder Inn began their development at the bottom of an apartment block, adjacent to a Korean restaurant (formerly The Treehouse), I would walk past frequently. The menu has had a complete overhaul in the last few months, with an emphasis on Asian fusion with tasty small bites and large shared dishes.

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I had a sticky beak previously when they had a larger communal table in the centre of the restaurant, now, it’s sleek. With several large paintings adorning the walls, it’s up-market enough to be a great date spot and casual enough for a big group of friends.

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Jules and I made a sizeable dent in the menu, in the hope of sampling as much as we could. Do spring for a glass of Sangria $5, we visited on a scorcher of a day, so anything with ice went down a treat.

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My Passionfruit Ice-tea $5.5 and Jules Lychee Iced Tea $5.5 was a welcome relief from the 36* weather awaiting us on the other side of the air-conditioned dining room!

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I liked the simplicity of the menu, separating categories into bites, baos, salads, mains, rice and dessert! But let’s be honest, I had picked what we were eating days in advance! That’s the mind of a food blogger!

You can’t go wrong with the Deep Fried Onion Rings- w/ sriracha mayo $6, the batter was great, super crisp and particularly moreish to eat.

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The Bao’s across the board were great. I’d say ratios to bao/filling was rather succinct but we did ultimately leave the last few bites of each of the baos at the end.

The Sweet & Sour Pulled Pork -w/ Asian slaw, cucumber, charred corn & wasabi lime mayo $7 was delicious. Great flavour and texture to the pulled pork but what surprised me most was the genius touch of the wasabi lime mayo.

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American Fried Chicken – w/Asian slaw, American cheese & maple sriracha mayo $7 was another strong favourite. The chicken was crispy and juicy, it worked particularly well alongside the zesty slaw!

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The Popcorn Prawn – w/ butter lettuce, charred corn & maple sriracha mayo $9 whilst delicious, was my least favourite of the baos. Three plump, crispy battered prawns added some textural interest in comparison to the soft fluffy bao.

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We devoured the Wok Fried Garlic Prawns- w/Asian slaw $22. Tasty in its simplicity, again the zesty citrusy slaw was a winner alongside the charred garlic prawns.

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The Wok-Fried Wagyu Beef -w/ vegetables, black pepper sauce, fried shallots & sesame seeds $22 was a strong favourite. The beef was incredibly tender and this was after a solid 10 minutes of photo taking. Make sure you mop up all the black pepper sauce with the rice, you’ll thank us!

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And finally, Spicy Chicken Fried Rice -w/ egg, peas & sweet corn $11. We disagreed on this dish, I liked it a lot, Jules not so much. There was a lot going on but the flavour was bold and I couldn’t quite help but pick up a few citrus(y) notes…

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We were too full for dessert but now finally having stepped into Alder Inn I know I’d go back!



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