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Bianca: I had an almost overwhelming need to go to a beach before the weather turned, this is really out of character for me. I hate the beach, I don’t like sand, getting my hair wet, bluebottles and sharks. None the less, the beach beckoned. It was also an excuse to celebrate my pal ‘Fraces’ belated birthday, nothing says you’re a year older than sunburn and sand rashes right?

Our trip to Palm Beach was more of a ploy to kill time until most of the restaurants opened at 12pm, it was literally a 15 minute dip in the ocean followed by a 45 minute sun tan session. We don’t mess around when it comes to food.

DSC_0655I have been to the Boathouse several times before so I was keen to check out somewhere new. Cranky Fins is a relatively newcomer to the Palm Beach dining scene, having opened in late 2013 by Bondi’s ‘Bucket List’ folk. It’s got style there’s no denying, it is quintessentially a beachside shack with a laid back casual menu. There is an emphasis towards seafood but I had planned ahead….or so I thought.

DSC_0670My menu sleuthing told me they had a pretty popular fish burger that I was interested to check out but it was nowhere to be seen. Frace is also funny with seafood so she was pleased to see the fish burger had been replaced with a chicken burg. Ordering doubles is never really an option in my books so I had to branch out. The Chicken Burger didn’t exactly blow me away, the actual chicken was breaded like a schnitzel and whilst it was tasty it was let down by the other elements, as a package it was way too dry and ordinary.

DSC_0686I had a ‘Chipotle fish taco w/ guacamole, cabbage, coriander & pineapple salsa’ $5 (special). The fish was lightly battered and flavourful. The pineapple salsa was non-existent. Fortunately for me, I’m not a fan of mixing pineapple with savoury dishes. I liked the aioli smothered on top, it did all become a little ‘wet’ with a lot of liquid forming at the bottom of the taco but taste wise it was nice. I also had a ‘Haloumi taco’ – w/pico de gallo, guacamole, charred corn, pickled cucumber & salsa picante. $5 (special). This was my least favourite of the two, I love haloumi but felt it was a little lost amongst all the other flavours, this may have been due to the fact it was deep-fried. I couldn’t tell whether it had a batter coating or that’s what happens when you deep fry haloumi. I can’t say I’ve ever done it.

DSC_0687We also shared a serving of the ‘Roast sweet potato wedges’ w/ a green goddess & tahini dressing. $9. While I love sweet potato this was nothing exciting, I loved the dressing but slopped onto the already soft roasted wedges it all became a little mushy.

DSC_0679Would I go back? For the food? Probably not, the space itself is fit out pretty cool, it’s more suited for drink with friends but I can’t see myself driving over an hour to get to Palm Beach for a beverage.

After our ridiculous trek up to Barrenjoey lighthouse in THONGS!! We felt we needed a little sustenance in the form of milkshakes and cake, which is a sentence every elite athlete mutters after a race surely? We each got an Iced Mocha $8 which left us both in a lactose induced zombie haze – finished off with a Carrot Cake and a Lemon Meringue Tart.


And in a sugar coma we began our trek back home to the Inner west.

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