The Stables, Paddington.

[invite] Bianca: New to Paddington’s back streets, an Equestrian themed restaurant just begging to be entered. The Stables, just behind Oxford streets, restaurant-lined strip opened in early June. You’d be remiss to think you were wandering by a sandstone art studio but peer in and you’ll be rewarded with a gorgeously chic fit-out. Deep brown leather, marble table tops and brass lighting pulling your gaze to its simple, bold design features. It’s a cool space and I can easily see it becoming the backdrop for many a ‘yummy mummy’ power lunch.

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The menu is slanted towards a more Modern Australian approach, with head chef Thomas Gripton gracing some of Sydney’s best restaurants – Monopole, Bentley, Hubert & Mjolner. The emphasis here is on quality Australian ingredients.

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My dining partner Felicitations isn’t all too adventurous when it comes to food (I love you) so I feel I may have ordered incorrectly.

Starting with the Ox-tail croquettes -w/beetroot & potato puree & pickled beetroot $23. I’ll admit I sneakily ordered these before Felicity had a proper look at the menu. Little did she know… I tend to shy away from beetroot, finding it’s earthy flavour quite overwhelming at times. But used here, it was subtle and really complimented the rich flavour of the oxtail.

Stables 5-1

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The Butter Poached Lobster -w/herb jus, avruga caviar, dill & kombu $31. Was perhaps, a touch too sophisticated for my palate. I can’t fault the lobster, wonderfully silky but the herb jus just did not translate well for me.

Stables 3-1

Stables 4-1

Easily one of my favourite dishes was the Roast mushroom medley -w/ a puff pastry wafer, gorgonzola,  pickled red onion, thyme & garlic $21. Wonderfully plump mushrooms scooped up on the puff pastry was glorious. There was a bit of an intense ‘burn’ from the garlic, almost similar to the tingly numbness you sometimes get from eating eggplant BUT WELL WELL worth it here. I loved this dish.

Stables 9-1

In hindsight, I should have gone with the lamb belly but instead opted for the Black Angus flank steak -w/ charred radicchio, grilled shallots, shallot oil  & red wine jus $36. Perfectly cooked medium rare, I do tend to find flank steak a little on the tough side but this was much tender than others I’ve encountered. I adore charred leek and enjoyed it’s use here. I’d probably opt for something a little more exciting next time.

Stables 8-1

Do order a side of Roast chat potatoes -w/ rosemary, garlic, pink sea salt $12 and make sure you keep some of that mushroom/gorgonzola sauce floating around. Perfect for dippage!

Stables 10-1

Stables 12-1

And to finish, Chocolate fondant -w/ berry ice cream & honeycomb $16. Split this right down the middle and watch the ooey gooey centre spill forth, a chocolate lava with its sights set on only one place. My upper thighs…. worth it! The presentation was a little clumsy but a minor quibble, if you love chocolate you’ll be over the moon with this dessert.

Stables 13-1

Stables 14-1

Some hit and miss dishes but the very fact they’re in their infancy it’s quite understandable.


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