Radleys, Chatswood Chase.

[invite] Bianca: I really didn’t know what to expect when we set foot in Radleys, with its own dining space within bustling Chatswood Chase’s food court. Rotisserie chicken is its main calling card but there’s a lot on offer here and the food is actually very good.

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With FFS spread across two states now, I called in some backup. With Felicitations and Benita clocking in. Both were good sports and did a back to backer with Passion Tree Desserts straight after. Let’s just say they were stuffed little turkeys by the end of the day.

Owner Jason Pope, wanting to give us a grand introduction to the world of Radleys, sent some of their most popular dishes out for us to try. Some may not have been my first preference but I was eager to see what they had to offer.

Hopefully staying on the menu permanently are the Fried Chicken & Kimchi Sliders. The fried chicken was both juicy and incredibly crispy, I usually run very far when I see un-melted cheese but the flavours here really were phenomenal. We all loved the mild kick from the kimchi.

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The Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger $10.50 had generous pieces of crispy fried chicken, sweet caramelised onions and chilli mayo. I’m not really a fan of coleslaw on burgers so I’d probably order this with lettuce and cheese next time.

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The Radley’s Beef Burger $12.50 will happily satisfy most burger lovers. It had some strong elements, the milk bun was a sturdy vessel, the burger held together very well. The beef was tasty but overcooked. I enjoyed the thick cut bacon but I really do not like Swiss so I would most likely swap this out for American cheese next time.

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Also yet to make it to their ‘official’ menu is the Sticky Wings. Crispy and juicy, sweet, sour and texturally really interesting. Loved the toasted almonds and diced capsicum.

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But one we were particularly impressed by, was the Haloumi Burger -w/Haloumi, spinach, mushrooms, caramelised onions & sweet chilli sauce $10. We loved this burger, the halloumi had been crumbed in cornmeal and lightly fried – producing a crisp exterior whilst retaining the telltale bounciness. I liked the fact the mushrooms had been cut into large strips. I would have liked a bit more sauce as it was a little dry.

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The Prime Rib Steak -w/chips $15  will make the carnivores happy. The steak was a beautiful medium rare and take it from me. Don’t get too friendly with the English Mustard, I literally thought my eyes were going to burst out of my face! And while we’re here, can we please talk about those Chips….. a small portion will set you back $4 and we were schmittttennn!! Super crispy, fluffy and seasoned perfectly! Some of the best chippies we’ve eaten recently.

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Mumma does the best chicken schnitz around but we quite enjoyed the Chicken Schnitzel -w/ two salads $12.50. Panko breadcrumbs are my usual go-to, producing little pockets of crispy nuggets. The chicken dripping gravy was 100% guilt in a ceramic bowl. A wonderful winter warmer!

Radleys 13-1

Speaking of winter warmers, making an appearance on the menu soon is the Pumpkin Soup. My initial impression was along the lines of “Soup, okay, bit boring”… until I took a bite. Hearty, thick and very flavourful. All tied together by the caramelised croutons and the accompanying toast.

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And the final savoury, Quarter Rotisserie Chicken -w/ 3 hot vegetables $11.50. A comforting classic, the prized chicken skin on full show here. This is best smothered in that gravy. We really enjoyed the roasted veggies on the side as well.

Radleys 15-1

They also do breakfast and these little beauties all day. My love for pancakes knows no bounds. Even after a meal that could easily have fed 6 people… Ricotta Hotcakes -w/honeycomb butter & maple syrup. The pancakes themselves were very light and fluffy, I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the texture. But there were a few flaws. The honeycomb butter was rock hard (essentially straight from the fridge) so what should have provided a wonderful salty hit (as well as some moisture) had failed to do so. These were quite dry and desperately needed an accompanying syrup. I passed this feedback on to owner, Jason. So I’d be keen to try them another time.

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All in all, I will say I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the food. Everything was exceptionally fresh and flavourful. Clearly, a lot of detail has been paid to the quality of the produce and ingredients used. Prices were beyond reasonable for serving size, whilst not compromising on quality.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Radley’s. 


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