Paddock on Crown, Surry Hills. ‘The Pancake Files’.

[invite] Bianca: Out of no-where, Paddock on Crown quickly filled our Instagram feed with THOSE pancakes. Making their first appearance on the menu in May this year. My interest was piqued, a date was set… and here we go!

Paddock 21-1

Paddock 19-1

My Soy Latte $4.20 perfectly balanced and not overly milky. Mumma also having some great feedback for her Skim Mocha $4. 

Paddock 1 -1

I tend to ban her from ordering Acai Bowls whenever we eat out because I loathe them! Luckily there wasn’t one on the menu but she found the closest thing. The Acai Mango Frappe $8. 

Paddock 2-1

Ticking the ‘health’ box, the Veggie Breakfast -w/avocado, mushroom, tomato corn salsa, poached eggs, feta & basil $18.50 + Bacon $4 + Hash Browns $3. A good reliable ‘every day’ breakfast option. Strong points for the crispy bacon & hash browns. Feta on anything is heavenly!

Paddock 9-1

Paddock 16-1

The biggest drawcard is the Fluffy Pancakes -w/ vanilla mascarpone, raspberry coulis, whipped maple butter $17.50 + Ube Ice-cream $3 + extra pancake $4. The excitement was very real once they were placed before us. They definitely make a statement that’s for sure! Now some pancake purists might baulk at their ‘pancake(iness)’ as I’d put them more into the cake-land territory. Texture Wise they’re more sponge cake-like, rather than a traditional airy/ fluffy pancake. Semantics aside, these were bloody delicious.

Paddock 4-1

Wonderfully moreish, with a buttery/ vanilla flavouring, LOVED the dollops of maple butter (I’m a big advocate for salty butter on pancakes) I just wish there was more of it! It’s fairly hard for me to describe the flavour of the ube ice-cream, so imma let Google handle this one – ‘with the flavour an amalgamation of Vanilla with the nuttiness of pistachio’, who knew! Ultimately, would I go back for these pancakes? Hells yes, though the double stack is really just for the ‘gram’ one is more than enough to enjoy comfortably and not live in shame for hours afterwards…

Paddock 6-1

Paddock 8-1

Paddock 17-1

And if I can combine two of my favourite things I absolutely will! The Dead Bird Burger -w/ Buttermilk Chicken, onion rings, pickle, jalapeno aioli & chips $18.50. Juicy chicken thigh with a delicious crispy outer coating, melted American cheese (big tick) and a mild kick from the aioli. The only thing I’d mention was that the bun eclipsed the fried chicken by a long mile, so by the end of the burger, I was just eating the Brioche Bun.

Paddock 10-1

Paddock 11-1

Paddock 18-1

Some minor quibbles but we thoroughly enjoyed our meal at Paddock on Crown.

Paddock 13-1


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Paddock on Crown. 

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