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[invite] Bianca: No longer the tourist trap of yesteryear, do your research and you can find some wonderful little gems in the historic laneways of The Rocks. We have some personal favourites with The Cut, Sake, Pony Dining, La Renaissance and now added to that list, Firestone.  I’ll admit that I was initially a little dismissive due to my location bias but I was REALLY proven wrong.

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Spread across 3 dining areas, the front verandah, the upstairs dining rooms/ verandah and the backyard courtyard. The owner and chefs are Korean and that carries across into the menu.

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Starting with coffees. An Almond Milk Flat White for me and a Skim Cappucino for the hooosband. My only comment, there really should be a little pot of sugar/sachets on each table, I was too lazy to ask but mine could have used some sucre to cut through the bitterness.

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We visited on a Sunday morning, making good use of the gorgeous Sydney weather and the Rocks Markets (which is literally on Firestone’s doorstep). I do generally lean more towards brunch(y) foods these days, so was happy to dive into the all-day weekend breakfast menu.

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The Poke Soba Bowl -w/ Soy & Mirin Cured Salmon, Soba Noodle, Cucumber, Avocado, Edamame, Wakame, Nori, Coriander, Spring Onion, Free Range Boiled Eggs $21.90. Might divide some people early in the AM but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this dish. Across the board, every single item of food was impeccably seasoned, right down to the side salads. The salmon was velvety in texture, melting in the mouth. A bite with each element is really the way to go. If you’re after something a little lighter this may be for you.

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Kimcheese Toastie-w/ Slow Cooked Kimchi, Prosciutto, Truffle Aioli,
Provolone Cheese on Sourdough $16.90. You know if it’s got bread and cheese imma be all over it. It’s a pretty decadent toastie and we both loved the addition of the kimchi, the sourness was great to cut through the other rich ingredients.

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Bali Corn Cake -w/ Corn And Pea Corncake, Lime Leaf, Coriander,
Chili Jam, Bali Salad, Free Range Poached Egg $18.90. When you have a bad corn cake/fritter… you know. It’s mushy, underseasoned and really not worth the calories. But these were delicious. Bursts of sweetness from the corn kernels and peas (left whole), the avocado adding some freshness and slap on the chilli jam & the sour/sweet salad.

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Another strong favourite was the Chili Scrambled Sticky Pork -w/ sambal Scrambled Eggs (Free Range), Wild Rice Flake, Asian Sticky Pork Belly Salad on Flatbread $19.90. Glorious caramelised, sticky, tender pork. The kick of the chilli with the scrambled eggs really complimenting each other. I LOVE crispy fried shallots so I was scooping them all up. I don’t know if the flatbread particularly worked for me but I guess it made for a better alternative to a thick piece of toast.

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And finally, the French Toast-w/ Brioche French Toast, Fruits, Mascarpone, Salted Caramel, Pistachio Crumble, Maple Syrup $18.90.  Yass Kween!!!! So it’s no secret that I heart sweets, pancakes are my jam but I’ll make an exception for French Toast & waffles now and then. This was delectable, a harmonious dish, the sweetness offset by the fresh fruit and salted caramel. I did mention to manager Alicia, that it was a little ‘soft’ in the centre. Perhaps a few extra minutes in the pan would have removed the very very slight egginess.

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Julian and I both walked away pretty impressed. I’d definitely come back if I was in the area.

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*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Firestone. 

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  1. hehe I actually prefer my French toast to be soft and eggy in the middle so I’m very keen to try!

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