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Bianca: I ADORE Indian food! I love it but rarely eat it. Mainly due to my delicate baby stomach but when we received an invitation to dine at Masala it was a no brainer. I’d read many reviews and new I was in for a bit of a treat.

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If you’re expecting your run of the mill, bog standard Indian restaurant, you’re REALLY in for a treat! It’s bright, colourful and fun and we haven’t even gotten on to the food yet.

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There are your classic staples, Butter Chicken etc, as well as some fun playful additions like the curry bombs and the prawntini.

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With mother in tow, we settled in for our feast. CHANNA JOR GARAM $5 make for perfect drinking snacks. Flattened black grams (beans) are spiced with masala and fried, trust us… they’re delicious.

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Papadams & Mint Chutney $ 4, light and crispy with none of that horrible ‘oiliness’.

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I was very intrigued by the DECONSTRUCTED SAMOSA GARBANZO CHAAT $16. Playfully presented, texturally interesting with each bite. I’m not the greatest fan of garbanzo beans, that would probably be my only feedback.

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Kicking things back to the ’80s. The PRAWNTINI $16. Juicy plump sweet prawns with a super crispy outer coating, how can you go wrong?

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MASALA THEORY’S THREE SISTERS CHAT $15 was another vibrant and striking dish. I do struggle with dishes that contain various temperatures (particularly savoury). I enjoyed the crispy spinach ‘sisters’ (a play on the Three Sisters in Katoomba) but the cold sauces threw me off.

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You MUST order the CURRY BOMBS $15 no ifs or buts. Succulent juicy chicken cooked in the tandoor, encased by a thin pappadum shell. Spoon some of the accompanying curry sauce into the ‘bombs’ and do as we did, taking each as a whole mouthful. One of the highlights for me!

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It’s tried, it’s tested and there is a reason why this is on the menu on 99% of all Indian restaurants. It’s delicious! MASALA THEORY BUTTER CHICKEN $25, smokiness from the tandoor imparted a mild smokiness, the chicken was tender and the sauce well developed. I could have easily polished this off to myself with the spread of naan we ordered.

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For the seafood crowd, LOYOLA CURRY PRAWN $28 was very generous with the prawns and with the flavour. I found it more muted than the butter chicken, perhaps to let the prawns shine.

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I have a weakness for carbs and you will to when you try the Cheese Naan $6.

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The Roti $5 might be a safer bet for those wanting a ‘lighter’ option.

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And throwing all caution to the wind, the Cheese Chilli Coriander Naan $6, I ate 95% and regretted nothing.

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A delicious accompaniment to the curries was the Lemon Rice $7, I found it refreshing and a good alternative to plain steamed rice.

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And to finish, I don’t think either mum or I were sold when owner Yashpal suggested we try the MOTICHOOR LADDOO $16. Tiny pearls of chickpea flour, fried and soaked in sugar syrup (they reminded me of couscous). The combination of the saffron condensed milk syrup and the cinnamon ice-cream was a real winner.

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I’ve been recommending Masala Theory to everyone and already have plans to return in a month or so! I say run, don’t walk!


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of Masala Theory.

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  1. I was pleasantly surprised the food was out of this world amazing and different especially the curry bombs and the desert 😋😋😋♥️

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