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Alex: Melbourne institution, Cutler & Co has been on the dining list for many years. The interest started back when I lived in Sydney, so it was an honour when I was able to visit a little while back thanks to Open Table Australia.

For those that don’t know, OpenTable is now a global network that not only allows people like me to pick and book a restaurant that I know might suit a particular event but also helps restaurants of all sizes/cuisines thrive within a demanding industry.

I didn’t know much about OpenTable’s Top 50 list, but I became even more eager to visit the restaurant for my birthday when I found out they were in the top 10 for the 2019 Top 50 restaurants in Australia after analysing 173,000 reviews from more than 2,000 restaurants!

I wasn’t too sure what to expect when I arrived at Cutler & Co. Patrons that dined outside on Gertrude street in the hip suburb of Fitzroy were dressed rather casually but cool and chic. Those that were inside were a mix of office corporates and those celebrating special events. It was kind of humbling to see people of all walks of life within the restaurant. It definitely didn’t feel stuffy and overly up-market, however the prices definitely did.

We were going to enjoy the Chef’s selection menu ($170pp) but ultimately decided that the amount of food was probably unnecessary considering I knew that it was going to be a whole weekend of excessive eating. That being the case the bill still came well over $300 for 2 people.

Some bread and oysters to start…

Key stand out dishes on the night included the amuse bouche which was a refreshing cucumber slice with a sauce that was reminiscent of a tzatziki and topped with peas.

The Yellowfin tuna crudo, Tasmanian wasabi, finger lime & celery ($34) was much meatier than I expected. The flavours were light and danced on the palette which I felt was a nice way to lead into the mains.

I never used to be one to order pork at a restaurant, but having since moved to Melbourne it seems to be the dish I’m instantly drawn to and it was no different at Cutler & Co. Opting for the Roast suckling pig, farm radish, anchovy sauce & tarragon ($54). Expensive, yet somehow for where you are, worth the price. The serving was generous, the pork exceptional and my stomach full!

There was barely any room left for dessert, but we opted to share the Chocolate délice ($19) however looking back, this was probably a dessert I could have done without.

All in all, the restaurant delivered on my expectations. Was it my favourite restaurant in Melbourne? Maybe not, but I do understand why it’s become such an icon in the inner city. It’s also fantastic to see such a well-known restaurant partnered with OpenTable.

The great thing about OpenTable how convenient it is to use. In less than a few minutes I was able to select a restaurant from a great list, pick a time that was suitable to me and confirm my reservation. No calls or wasted time which was a major bonus.

You can make your own reservation at Cutler & Co through OpenTable here. You can also download the OpenTable app directly to your phone for ease and convenience when making future bookings.

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