Bellevue Cottage, Glebe.

[invite] Bianca: We have long been fans of Anthony Moscovitz. Alex and I grew up in the Concord area and practically lived on Majors Bay Road. Antoine’s Grill was one of my favourite restaurants in the area and that I frequented often.

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He later opened Provence by Antoine in Mortlake. We took one of our favourite Sydney food writers and blogger trailblazer Not Quite Nigella, Lorraine Elliot on a tour of Concord and selected Provence as one of our ‘must-visits’ in the area. Bellevue 2 (1 of 1)

Formerly home to Blackwattle Cafe, Bellevue Cottage is stunning! When the restaurant originally opened, they were trading for breakfast & lunch only, opening hours have been extended to the evening but restricted to indoors only. Which is a crying shame because those outdoor seats are highly coveted, I mean… look at that view!

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We were asked whether we had any allergies or dietary requirements and sat back as Antoine showed off years off talent & skill.

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My newest job at the Sydney Fish Markets (a few mins around the corner from Bellevue) has given me a new appreciation for the true beauty of high-quality seafood and our meal was very much a love letter to the calibre of Australian seafood.

Starting with Kingfish – w/Shephard avocado,  preserved lemon & green tomato $28. Beautifully soft, sweet and rich kingfish. This was summer personified, the salmon caviar/roe giving a burst of freshness with each bite.

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Striking in both flavour and presentation. Ulladulla ruby red yellowfin tuna -w/ lemon myrtle & olive dolceforte $29. The flavour was of the tuna was unparalleled, a thin delicate slice of tuna stealing the show. I wasn’t overly fond of the salmon skin, that would be my only feedback.

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Bugs are creeping up on Lobsters in many fine dining restaurants in Sydney and for good reason. Balmain Bug – w/ yellow pepper, Jerusalem artichoke & bug jus $32 were a few bites of utter bliss. Sweet & meaty, I happily mopped up as much of that sauce as I could (the bread comes in handy). Who knew I would enjoy fava beans so much as well…

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We’re wogs, of course we ordered bread… Bread & house butter $8.

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Barramundi -w/ fava beans, coconut & kaffir lime $46. Absolutely faultless, the barramundi was soft and moreish, with perhaps one of the best crispy skins I have had on a fish dish before. You will want to scoop up every spoonful of that sauce!

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Rangers Valley Rib Eye WX9, which was part of their premium selection. I could not fault this dish. I only wish there was more of it. Everything from the tender beef unctuous beef, to the mash and rich jus.

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And to finish. Frozen Liquorice, lemon, lime & cookie dough $21. I was a little puzzled how the liquorice would work, ultimately this worked because of the varying textures and temperatures.

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