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Bianca: And here we are, the culmination of banter with the guys over a span of a year. I finally made my way to Newcastle specifically for the burgers at Newy Burger Co.

A girly weekend away with Felicity in the Blue Mountains was redirected to Newcastle and the rest is now history. Newy was our last stop in our 2 day tour de force eating spree. We rocked up to the Cambridge Hotel, which Newy have been operating out of for more than a year now. It’s a little on the dingy side but we ate outside, so ambience was really whatever we made it and we loved the artwork by Newcastle local Mitch Revs.


Owners Ben and Nick have some pretty heavy hitting credentials in the hospitality industry and regularly make the trip to Sydney and Melbourne to check out other burger joints.

We’d been eating up a storm for a solid two days so perhaps not in our finest form, we tackled 3 burgers between us and a side of dirty fries. Let’s get into it.

Beef burgers are always my go to and the Bar Beef Burger – w/bacon, cheddar cheese, tomato, house made bbq sauce and jalapeno white sauce $11 was a real winner. I was surprised initially when Ben told me it was a milk bun. It looked more like a regular white roll which always knells the doomsday bells for me. BUT the buns were really soft with a nice hint of sweetness. Chef Nick nailed the cooking of the beef patty, visible pinkess and seasoned well.


Another notable mention goes to the grind, really great texture there. Bacon was really crispy and the jalapeno sauce was genius. Nice kick of heat but nothing too overpowering. I wish I had the stomach space for more of a traditional cheeseburger profile but I regret nada! For the FBAS folk, this gets 4.2/5 pickles.


And then I went completely rogue, perhaps easily swayed by Felicity we went all chicken! The Stocko Burger –w/ southern fried chicken, cheddar cheese, slaw, rocket and sriracha aioli $11. You know how great KFC chicken tenders are? How they’re manufactured within an inch of their lives to taste soo good? Yep, well Newy have pipped them at their own game. Chicken was super moist with an extremely crispy coating. I’ve never been a fan of slaw on burgers but this was Felicity’s favourite. We agreed on a score of 4/5 pickles.


And my favourite burger of the day. The wacky creation that is the Dudley Burger – w/southern fried chicken, cheese, Paris mash and gravy $11 w/ added spicy candied maple bacon $3. You read that right, mash and gravy…..on a burger. Genius, honestly, pure and simple genius. I was worried the moisture from the mash n gravy would turn the whole thing into a sopping mess. But it held well to the very last bite and I ate every single bite of my half. I loved it. Chicken was great, I understand it is hard to melt cheese with chicken burgers but it’s still my preference. That thick slice of maple bacon truly tipped this over to something even more special. The Dudley gets a well-deserved 4.7/5 pickles.



Sides are rather limited but my fate was sealed once I saw the Dirty Fries $8 special on Instagram a few days before. Sweet Baby Cheesus – seasoned chips, three cheese sauce, chorizo and pesto. Ticks sooo many boxes for me. Firstly, chips… that’s a no brainer. But pesto is such an underutilized condiment in the burg world and I’ll take it any which way. Nick mentioned he was toying with using a store bought cheese sauce but nothing compares to the homemade stuff and this was a bonafide cracker. And obviously crispy chorizo is a recipe for success. My two cents, this should be a permanent addition.


Ben and Nick, Newcastle are truly lucky to have you guys up there and I can’t wait to revisit once Newy Burger Co has a home of its very own.

Hi Ben!!


*I dined as a guest of Newy Burger Co but all thoughts are my own, especially when it comes to ‘all the burgers’.

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  1. I’ve been following Newy Burger Co on Instagram for a few months now and they put up delicious looking food one after other. Burgers, chips, doughnuts, milkshakes… all the yum stuff.

    I’ve been wanting to go here for a while now and I think it’s time to get serious about planning a trip to Newcastle for it.

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