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{Invite} Bianca: Life is ludicrously fast paced these days but one thing I’ve always adored doing in Sydney, is exploring suburbs I haven’t otherwise visited. Which is exactly what Alejandro and I did two Fridays ago, we made a quick detour to pick up some deliciously cheap and cheery doughnuts from Voglia Di Pane in Woodpark and then made our way over to lunch at 6 Points café in Fairfield.



Dipping over into their third month of trading, they appear to have hit the nail in the head re design concept and direction in menu. Alex and I both got major XS Espresso vibes, the difference here is the food backs up the fit-out AND the hype. There are still some design tweaks to occur, a mural on the back wall being the main point of reference. At 2:30pm on a Friday there was a continual stream of people flowing in.


Chef and owner Leo, was keen to have us try some of the more popular items on the menu, my only prerequisite were a few burgers. Naturally!! This was my first beef burger post Meat Free Week so to describe myself as giddy would be the understatement of the century.

I moseyed on past the French toast and the Ricotta hotcakes but I’ll definitely be back for those. We started with Alex’s fave, the Acai Bowl – w/coconut, chia seeds, granola and fruit $12. The Acai bowl had the perfect consistency, not too runny and not head splittingly cold. Alex liked the fact there was no yoghurt and he enjoyed the addition of the desiccated coconut. One thing we both agreed on, was the OTT amount of chia seeds which produced a gritty texture in the mouth. I’d either drop these off the dish completely or reduce the amount added. But for those that like an acai you’ll enjoy this one.



For those that like to brunch with the best of them, the Smashed Avo –w/goats cheese, beetroot hummus, bacon and poached eggs on sourdough $16.50 is a great option. The beetroot hummus added a Middle Eastern slant to your usual avo on toast. This was also probably one of the more milder goat’s cheese I have had.


Now we’re onto the fun stuff. Alex’s choice of the Buttermilk Chicken burger –w/crispy bacon, tomato, lettuce and American cheese w/ chips and chilli sauce $16 was a good one. The chicken was incredibly moist (sorry) with a crispy coating. Something of an anomaly on chicken burgers is melted cheese but lo and behold they’ve nailed it here. The bacon was crispy, without being burnt and there were layers of crispiness with each bite. Alex put this up there with some of the strongest chicken burgers in Sydney. There was a hint of herbs and spices in the crumb which may have set this apart from your regular run o the mill chicken burg. A well-deserved 4.3/5 pickles.




And post Meat Free Week I had the Home Ground Beef burger – w/lettuce, tomato, American cheese, pickles and special sauce + chips $14.50. I completely blanked on the bacon when we ordered. And I’ll be honest, when it was set before me I was instantly concerned. Copious amounts of lettuce, which everyone knows is my kryptonite. But I’m happy to report this burger is actually very very good. The Milk/brioche bun was particularly squishy. Adding just a hint of sweetness. There was a nice charr on the patty, with a loose grind. There was just the faintest hint of pinkness so I would have preferred a minute or two less on the griddle. There were two things that stopped this burger from being a knockout and that was the perfect combination of double cheese and bacon making it more of a streamlined ‘cheeseburger’. And probably it’s biggest fault, the salt factor. This burger was salty, perhaps a little uncomfortably so. Did it stop me from eating? No. The secret sauce was also eerily Big Mac reminiscent. Salt aside, 4.4/5 pickles.


And to wash it all down – The Baklava Shake. So Mister Gee’s has pretty much set the bar for a baklava milkshake, this one was good. But if you asked me what flavour it was, I would instantly reply with ‘Vanilla’. It definitely needed some amping up. We liked that it came with two portions of baklava in case the ‘hit’ just isn’t enough. Which evidently it wasn’t.



To say Alex and I were impressed is a bit of an understatement. If locale wasn’t a problem I could easily see this becoming a local. The people of Fairfield are damn lucky and with only three months under their belt – the only way is up! Also, Friday evenings are burger nights! !



Photos by Alex

*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of 6 Points cafe, all opinions however are our own and independent. Especially when it comes to ‘all the burgers’. 

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