One Day, One Life, Drummoyne.

[invite] Bianca: A burger a day keeps the bullshit away… and that’s a motto I’d proudly stand by! Welcome to One Day, One Life. New to our local hood but formerly based in Waterloo. It’s a bit of an awkward one to get to but park in the IGA car park and she’ll be right. It’s compact and unassuming but the food is top notch.

It was a fairly interesting crowd on a Saturday morning (it was election day) and there were a fair few oldies & young-ens. I was joined on my eating escapades by G-Wagon, my F45 buddy and all-around champion of a human being.

Ordering home-wares is no joke!!

We loved the cute little serving-ware and presentation of the coffee. My Skim Capp $4.5 was a little on the weak side but a minor quibble to an otherwise quality meal.

With three kinds of pancakes on the menu, this is the exact kind of place I need in my life. The American Pancakes -w/ maple glazed bacon, apple crumble, candied nuts & fresh fruit $16 were fantastic. The pancakes were light and fluffy, near perfect texture. I enjoyed the varying elements of the salty bacon, nuts and fresh fruit. I didn’t really get the addition of the marshmallows and these really should have been served with a side of maple syrup as they were a little dry between each pancake. A minor fix!

The Japanese Pancakes -w/ house cream cheese, strawberry sauce & granola with seasonal fruits $18 was a real winner. I looked past the marshmallows because these were incredible. I’d typically lean more towards the heavier over the top American style pancakes. But the beauty here was in the simplicity of the flavours and the real star, those super light as air pancakes. I’m a big advocate for sauce or syrup with pancakes and I would have appreciated more here as well.

We had to throw in some savoury before we OD’d on sugar. The Crispy Corn Fritters-w/ bacon, avocado, poached eggs, beetroot hummus, spinach & Mexican beans $ 17 was interesting with the addition of the beetroot hummus & beans but I felt the texture was a little lacking. It probably wouldn’t be something I’d order again.

And because I’d seen some fantastic shots of their burgers. The pimped out ‘I Can’t Handle It’ -w/ fried chicken, onion rings, pineapple, lettuce, aioli and spicy sauce $15. So, owner & chef, Ben gave us a modified version of this burger sans hot sauce and pineapple (I believe). The chicken was DELICIOUS, with a super crispy outer coating and juicy breast meat. This was one occasion I welcomed some greenery.

Drummonyne has always been a bit of a funny location for food, I’ve never really found myself a good local cafe in the area but I could definitely see myself returning to One Day, One Life.


*For Food’s Sake dined as guests of One Day, One Life.

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